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Timco Introduces Timcogrip Cribbing Plates and Outrigger Pads

Timco Introduces Timcogrip Cribbing Plates and Outrigger Pads

Timco, Inc., Buchanan, N.Y., has introduced Timcogrip™ cribbing plates and outrigger pads. Manufactured using a coextrusion process that produces a two-layered material, the plates and pads are engineered for firmly gripping roads or protecting surfaces while providing strong and sturdy support for cranes and other construction equipment. Timcogrip is made of thermplastic elastomer (rubber) on one side and UHMW-PE on the other. The materials are molecularly bonded and are designed not to peel apart under heat or stress.

The UHMW-PE side of Timcogrip™ product provides the wear and strength needed in this demanding application, while the rubber provides noise and vibration dampening and super grip for steady crane operation. The cribbing plates or outrigger mats protect the street or any other surface on which your equipment must rest.

“When setting up on scratch sensitive surfaces like a gymnasium floor, using Timcogrip is a fantastic option to protect the floor and successfully disperse the weight of the crane,” said Greg Waack, president of Timco, which specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered plastic parts for industrial equipment, and has supplied components and parts engineering services for more than 40 years.


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