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Time Mfg. Rolls Out New Versalift Truck-Mounted Aerial Lift

Among the new products that Time Manufacturing, Waco, Texas, rolled out at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) earlier in October was the Versalift SST-36-N/NE truck-mounted aerial lift.

This non-insulated unit combines lighter weight with excellent capacity and reach to provide a more cost-effective solution for applications like telecommunications work and other uses not requiring an insulated lift.

The lift weighs 1,850 pounds and mounts on a 14,500-pound GVW truck that can be driven without a commercial driver’s license. The unit displayed at ICUEE was mounted on a Ford F450. Stowed travel height is just 10’5”.

The SST-36-N has the work platform mounted to the side of the boom, whereas the SST-36-NE has the same platform mounted to the end of the boom. The end-mounted platform can swivel 180°.

Both the N and NE versions feature a 24” W x 24” L x 42” D platform and deliver 35’6” platform height, 350-pound platform capacity, and 500-pound outer boom lifting-eye capacity. Rotation is 370°, non-continuous, with a mechanical stop. The “N” model provides up to 24’8” of outreach, whereas the “NE” version provides up to 26’7”.

The lower boom assembly is compensated with a parallelogram linkage. It is raised and lowered from 6° below horizontal to 90° above by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder with dual holding valves.

The upper boom consists of an outer and extending inner boom. The inner boom is aluminum to reduce weight and is extended by a hydraulic cylinder equipped with two holding valves. The upper boom can articulate from 14° below horizontal to 74° above. Articulation is provided by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder with holding valve.

The open-center hydraulic system provides 1.5 - 2.0 gallons per minute of flow at 2,000 psi and has a six-gallon reservoir. A 30-gallon auxiliary reservoir is optional. The system can be driven by the chassis engine accessory belt or by a chassis transmission power take-off.

The wide array of options for the Versalift SST-36-N/NE includes hydraulic platform leveling, pneumatic circuit to the platform, 120V outlet at the platform, optional platforms, independent H-frame outriggers, torsion bar, taller pedestals, hand-held remote lower control, two-speed boom controls, personnel restraint system, emergency lowering, and many more.

The new Versalift SST-36-N/NE truck-mounted aerial lift was one of about 30 products displayed in Time Manufacturing’s expansive ICUEE exhibit.



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