TireSocks Launching Equipment and Control-Box Covers | Construction News


Tiresocks, Inc. is introducing two new products: equipment covers and control box covers. Anyone who owns a scissor or boom lift, or a fleet of lifts, can benefit from the new covers' design features and marketing capabilities.

Both equipment and control box covers from TireSocks, Inc. can be customized with company logo and information. They resist theft and have universal fitting options.

The equipment covers protect against outside elements, such as weather, dust, and debris, to extend the life of equipment and keep it looking sharp. They are simple to install and come with a locking mechanism. Equipment covers can double as a powerful marketing and branding tool simply with the addition of a company logo.

They are heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon with a heavy-duty zipper and a bungee-corded base to hold them in place. They do not have to be removed to charge equipment.

One size fits many lifts.

Control box covers protect the control panel from the elements, dust, and debris and have a front flap for easy access to the controls without having to remove the entire cover.

They are made of heavy-duty, water-resistant nylon and include a locking mechanism to resist theft. Universal covers fit multiple pieces of equipment, and adding a log increases brand exposure.