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TMEIC GE’s Maxview Smart Landing Enhances Crane Productivity

TMEIC GE, Roanoke, Va., has introduced the Maxview Smart Landing laser-based ship profile and operator landing assist system. The system increases ship to shore crane productivity while reducing wear on equipment and operating noise.

The design is based on the company’s extensive experience in crane automation applications in the container handling and other heavy material handling industries. The system increases productivity, reduces wear on equipment, and reduces operating noise due to softer landings.

The system uses a laser scanner and Maxview software modules to measure and continuously update the profile of containers and other obstructions under the crane. The laser scanner has a range of over 80 meters, which provides measurement to the bottom of the deepest vessels. The profile is updated continuously, and without any need for additional trolley motion.

The system can be easily retrofitted onto existing cranes. Simple set-up, hands off operation, and minimal maintenance make it easy to install and maintain. The system also offers flexible design, allowing for a high degree of customization based on the specific needs of the operation and existing crane control equipment.


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