Tractel Introduces Versatile, Comfortable Safety Harness | Construction News


Tractel, Anjou, Quebec, Canada, has introduced an innovative  harness that combines safety, versatility, and comfort for workers who need to wear one for fall arrest, climbing ladders, work positioning, descent, rescue, or rope access.

The harness’ strap configuration allows better fastening to the body and gives the wearer extra mobility when bending. Also, its Y shape includes a simple attachment point for quick and easy hook-up. The many frontal attachment points suit the harness to various applications.

Its unique independent leg-strap and seat support allow complete freedom of movement and flexibility while climbing, walking, and bending, without unwanted tugging and pulling between the thighs. The leg straps feature auto-lock buckles.

The TracX back pad brings extra comfort by minimizing weight on the wearer’s shoulders and back and providing lumbar support. It also helps the harness hold its shape for quick donning. Six-point adjustment allows easy custom fitting.

The result, says Tractel, is a combination of day-long comfort and safety.

Tractel says the new harness simplifies rescue attachment, keeps the work-position centered, gives unrestricted leg movement, and increases mobility.

It complies with major standards, including: ANSI Z359.1-2007, ANSI A10.32-2012, OSHA 1926, and CSA Z259.10-12.

Tractel provides material handling and lifting, load-measurement, suspended-work-platform, and fall-arrest safety equipment in more than 120 countries through more than 8,000 industrial distributors.

Its products include Griphoist, TIRAK, MINIFOR hoists, the Dynafor electronic load indicator, and a complete range of fall-safety equipment.