Trojan and Palladium Team Up to Develop Lithium Batteries

Leading deep-cycle battery manufacturer Trojan Battery Co., Santa Fe Springs, Calif., is teaming up with Palladium Energy, Naperville, Ill., a leading manufacturer of custom lithium-based battery packs, to develop clean energy solutions for a broad range of industries.

The alliance to develop lithium-based battery packs will expand opportunities for both companies in a variety of markets, including aerial work platforms, renewable energy, golf, transportation, floor machine, marine, and recreational vehicles.

The partnership enables Trojan to expand its portfolio of battery offerings to meet evolving customer demands for applications requiring lithium-based technology. Combining Trojan’s more than 85 years of lead-acid battery engineering with Palladium’s expertise in cell technology, design engineering, and testing will enhance collaborative efforts to develop lithium-based battery packs under the Trojan brand.

“Trojan Battery is exploring the potential and viability of lithium technology in several of our core markets, including AWP,” said Mat Segal, Trojan’s senior vice president of global business development. Segal added that Trojan doesn’t see lithium technology supplanting lead acid batteries any time soon, but that where smaller, lighter power packs are required, lithium battery packs may be a viable alternative.

“We believe this is complementary to our lead acid portfolio and that expanding our range of storage options to include LI will simply give us more options for best supporting the evolving needs of our customers,” said Segal.

He noted that the partnership between Trojan and Palladium will allow Trojan to provide advanced battery solutions to support the evolving needs and demands of Trojan customers. It will also, he said, better enable the company to expand its reach into new and evolving industry segments worldwide.

The market demand for lithium-based battery solutions continues to grow as emerging market segments, such as renewable energy, take hold. Traditionally used in portable consumer electronic devices, lithium-based battery packs now enable the use of smaller, lightweight batteries with increased energy density in a broad range of applications that require primary or back-up battery power.

“By partnering with an industry leader such as Trojan, Palladium can produce battery packs for a wider variety of market segments,” said Art Salyer, president and chief executive officer for Palladium Energy. Salyer also noted that the partnership with Trojan will give Palladium the opportunity to provide green battery technology to new and emerging markets that have medium- and large-format applications.


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