Check out our 2024 Corporate Sustainability Report! White Paper Explains Fleet Management

Greenville, N.C.-based is offering a free white paper titled Optimizing Your Fleet: A Business Case for Thriving in an Economic Downturn. The document explains fleet management concepts and capabilities that can be used to reduce operational costs during these difficult economic times.

The white paper explores relevant fleet management solutions that can be tailored to address specific material handling needs. With a step-by-step process on how to implement a successful fleet management program, the white paper aims to help businesses emerge leaner, stronger and poised to take advantage of the economic recovery.

The information focuses on opportunities to reduce operating expenses and improve productivity in material handling operations through proper fleet management. These opportunities, explored in full detail within the white paper, are initial assessment through survey and analysis, centralizing your services, the value of maintenance reporting, the true value of llift truck replacement…even in a difficult economy, implementing a fleet optimization model, and maximizing productivity and cost compression through telemetry technology.

Within each section are a variety of charts and examples to explain the importance of each individual area. In addition to this white paper, has extensive information on fleet management, as well as articles, research and data for anyone looking to optimize their lift truck investment.


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