TVH Assists with New ANSI A92 MEWP Standard Compliance

TVH Assists with New ANSI A92 MEWP Standard Compliance

TVH in the Americas (TVH), a provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industries, is helping customers stay compliant with the new ANSI A92.22 standards.

Although ANSI has pushed back the deadline from December to early 2020, it's still important for businesses to transition their mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). Employers, owners, and operators now have until March 2020 to be in compliance with the new standards, with the two significant areas of change being the retention of inspection records and fall protection.

Section 4.4 outlines how often inspections need to be carried out, what needs to be inspected, and how records need to be maintained. Section 5.4 describes the annual inspection process in more detail. Owners are required to ensure that annual inspections are performed by a qualified person and be no later than 13 months from the date of the prior one. Furthermore, the owner must ensure that a means for identifying the date of the last annual inspection and inspection interval is maintained on the MEWP. TVH's annual inspection decals, which meet or exceed OSHA standards, will help compliance with Standard 5.4.2. 

The new standards also affect what types of personal fall protection equipment must be used and who must wear it. For manually propelled and self-propelled vertical lifts, the platform guardrails are sufficient fall protection. For boom lifts, in addition to the guardrails, operators and occupants are required to wear PFPE. For boom-supported MEWPs, operators and occupants must wear PFPE that:

  1. Doesn't allow the wearer to fall more than 6’
  2. Doesn't allow the wearer to experience more than 1,800 lb. arresting force
  3. Doesn't allow the wearer to come into contact with any lower surface.

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