TVH Offers Dakota Shine Equipment Paint Restoration System | Daily Construction News

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TVH is now carrying the Dakota Shine paint restoration system, which is used to restores faded and oxidized surfaces of equipment like access platforms and powered access lifts without waxing or repainting. The system is composed of Dakota Prep, a water-based and biodegradable cleaner that will remove wax buildup, grease, oxidation and grime from a variety of surfaces, and Dakota Shine, which works by penetrating deep into the paint surfaces and interacting with the old, faded pigments to create an appearance that looks brand new.

The Dakota Shine paint restoration system is a cost-effective substitute to repainting oxidized surfaces of forklifts, cranes, and powered access equipment, replacing faded decals or wet-sanding and waxing.

Compatible Surfaces include painted surfaces,decals, plastics,fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, and engines & electrical components

Advantages of Dakota Shine are that it is less costly to apply than paint or wax; it penetrates the surface, so there are no overspray lines to buff out; quick drying time decreases the overall turnaround time of the application; the surfaces maintain like new appearance, which is proven to keep resale values higher;no mixing is required, so there is less waste and no disposal requirements; and it works on any size surface.