TyrFil Recycling Systems Named Innovative Product at World of Concrete

TyrFil Recycling Systems from Pathway Polymers, Chattanooga, Tenn., was recently named Attendees’ Choice for the Most Innovative Product at the 2009 World of Concrete. More than 65,000 registered professionals attended the event.

“We were expecting a positive response from the show’s attendees who were interested in learning more about the green technology that we’ve been aggressively promoting,” said A.J. Davidson, marketing director for Pathway Polymers. “Receiving such a distinguished award from a trade show of this magnitude reinforces our belief that we are on the right track in meeting our customer’s expectations in today’s eco-conscious global economy.”

Pathway’s TyrFil Recycling Systems consists of two separate pieces of equipment strategically engineered to target the two major markets within the tire flat-proofing industry: aftermarket commercial tire dealers and OEMs. For aftermarket commercial tire dealers, the AutoFil Recycler processes recycled poly-fill and mixes it with a small amount of virgin poly-fill to create a homogenous blended tire fill. Recycling poly-fill keeps it out of landfills while allowing commercial tire dealers to reduce their flat-proofing material costs by up to 65 percent.

For OEMs, the TrioFil Recycler processes rubber recycled from scrap pneumatic rubber tires and mixes it with virgin poly-fill to create a homogenous, blended tire fill. Recycling scrap pneumatic rubber tires keeps them out of landfills while allowing manufacturers to reduce their flat-proofing material costs by up to 35 percent.