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Vericom Technologies Partners with deCarta to Increase Mapping Capabilities

Vericom Technologies, Columbia, Md., a provider of mobile resource management (MRM) solutions, has announced that it has partnered with deCarta, San Jose, Calif., a provider of advanced and comprehensive geospatial software platforms, to increase its mapping capabilities. Vericom's new advanced mapping capabilities will be launched to all customers later this summer in the company's new MRM solution offering, VeriVision MRM.

Vericom's web-based MRM solution has embedded deCarta's Drill Down Server technology, providing customers with robust map rendering capabilities for more efficient tracking, routing, and management of remote vehicles, employees, and assets. In addition to strong reporting capabilities, new and enhanced features allow improved usability and increased customer efficiency, including rich Internet mapping and tracking. More visually intuitive and robust maps provide fleet managers and administrators with easily accessible information in a simple-to-use format, increasing productivity.

New maps allow users to find the most efficient driving route, total distance, and total time between landmarked customer locations and vehicles/employees in the field. Enhanced routing decreases vehicles' time and distance traveled, reducing gas costs, increasing the life of vehicles, and improving the CO2 footprint.

"Higher productivity and fuel cost-reduction initiatives are driving enterprise demand for more precise mobile resource management tools," said J. Kim Fennell, president and CEO of deCarta. "We're proud to be working closely with Vericom Technologies and providing the technology to further enhance the utility and efficiency of mapping for their customers."

Jeff Pierson, director of product management of Vericom, noted, “This partnership is a key milestone on our strategic roadmap and new VeriVision MRM offering, and shows our commitment to providing an easy-to-use, end-to-end, yet modular, platform that allows enterprise and SMB customers to more efficiently manage their remote resources, employees, and work in the field.”


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