VYCON Ships 100th Clean Energy Flywheel System

VYCON, Orange County, Calif., has announced that it has shipped its 100th flywheel system. Data centers, hospitals, universities, broadcast studios, and manufacturing plants around the globe rely on the company’s VDC and VDC-XE clean energy storage systems to protect their critical computing and equipment from damaging and costly power outages. The flywheel systems bring unprecedented power capacity for instantaneous and reliable power backup and provide a greener solution over uninterruptible power systems that are utilizing batteries. The company’s REGEN flywheel systems, used in regenerative power applications such as container cargo handling crane applications and light electric rail, reduce power and energy costs to port and rail operators as well as provide a reduction in green house gasses.

Key to VYCON’s flywheel system is its ability to discharge and recharge very quickly when called upon during power outages. The systems have logged a record million-plus discharge and recharge cycles – in very demanding applications that often call on the systems to discharge and recharge every two minutes.

“We’re very pleased to have reached this important milestone of not only number of flywheel systems in operation, but the unsurpassed 1,400,000 discharge and recharge cycles of our systems,” said the company’s chief marketing officer, Frank DeLattre. “Flywheel success can’t be determined by number of operating hours alone—we think it’s more important to look at discharge and recharge cycles as a truer validation of the flywheel’s performance, as it exercises all functions of the system under real load conditions, not just in a ‘ready’ mode. This unprecedented amount of cycles is a solid testament to the reliable operation of the VYCON flywheel. Power quality and uptime are serious concerns for our customers and we’re pleased that our VDC systems are the first line of defense in protecting their critical systems while at the same time reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.”