WIKA Mobile Control Provides Solution for Manitex Boom Trucks

WIKA Manitex LineWise

WIKA Mobile Control (WMC) partnered with Manitex and LineWise to customize the graphics and functionality of the cSCALE system on the Manitex 50128S boom trucks equipped with a LineWise triple line lifter crane attachment. 

WMC worked closely with LineWise and Manitex’s engineering team to tailor the system programming for this special attachment that is used in the utility market to support up to three energized power lines.

Using specific requirements provided by LineWise, WMC customized the operating mode selection screen on the vSCALE D3 color graphic display. “By incorporating the triple line lifter product into the LMI software, the operator can select the triple line lifter on the screen and the load chart is updated accordingly,” explained Zach Dockter, engineering manager for Manitex. 

“The triple line lifter setting on the LMI is a very nice feature. It allows the crane operator to see where they can and cannot go,” said Noah Gutierrez, director of sales for LineWise. “Before this feature, the crane operator only had the option to read paper charts that told them what range of motion they had to work with. Now, by selecting this feature, they have more confidence that they are operating the crane within the defined working limits.”