Wireless Innovator Brake Control Offers Surge Brake Convenience

Innovative Electronics, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, introduces the Innovator brake control, which the company says is the first unit to mount directly on electric brake trailers rather than traditional hardwiring a unit into the tow vehicle. Featuring wireless operation, the Innovator allows multiple vehicles to tow a trailer without the need for spending money to hardwire a vehicle and giving rental companies the flexibility to offer electric brake trailers for any vehicle with towing capabilities. The Innovator provides companies with the convenience of hydraulic surge brakes while using cost-effective and environmentally friendly electric brake trailers.

The self-contained Innovator ships complete with everything necessary for installation and operation. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, this exclusive unit monitors itself hundreds of times per second to ensure the trailer hitch maintains neutral positioning, providing smooth braking with no jerky or sudden movements. With a simple design, no moving parts, and solid-state construction, the self-adjusting Innovator delivers years of safe, reliable performance.

The Innovator quickly mounts to any one-, two- or three-axle trailer within 15 minutes. The brake control unit mounts either to the trailer’s existing jack plate or directly to the frame. Two wire connections—one to the trailer’s battery and a second to the brake wire—are simply made. Since the brake control ties directly into the trailer, the Innovator does not interfere with the tow vehicle’s warranty, cruise control operation, or braking system, and it will not harm the trailer’s electrical system or the control unit itself if the wires are accidently connected backwards. Once all connections are made, the operator sets the load with the wireless transmitter, which automatically establishes its own signal with the control unit. If the trailer’s battery power is low, the unit will automatically turn itself off, so as not to drain the voltage.

The Innovator fully complies with Department of Transportation regulations by allowing the tow vehicle operator to actuate the trailer’s brakes without stepping on the tow vehicle’s brake pedal. Its wireless transmitter control offers three brake settings: unloaded, fully loaded and test. The test function allows the driver to apply the trailer’s brakes to correct occurrences of trailer sway, allowing the trailer to fall back in line with the tow vehicle.

The Innovator’s wireless system guards against cross contamination of other signals, delivering optimal operating safety. If the handheld remote is misplaced, the system will automatically default itself to a fully loaded setting and will operate completely independent of the remote. Additionally, the Innovator is plugged into the tow vehicle’s accessory plug or dash like other brake controls, leaving vehicle outlets open for charging phones and operating other portable electronic devices.