Workstation Offers Variable Height, Reversible Top

The new Elevation Station adjustable-height workstation from Portland, Maine-based Southworth Products Corp. allows the user to raise or lower the tabletop, reducing fatigue and back strain. A convenient foot pedal at each end of the base initiates a smooth, precise transition to any platform height from 24” to 40”, and a reversible platform insert accommodates different tasks.

Ideal for electronics assembly, inspection, packing, shipping, and a multitude of other light-manufacturing operations, the versatile, 200-pound-capacity unit is an economical alternative to more expensive variable-height workbenches or stations. Whether sitting or standing, the user can raise or lower the platform to the preferred level to maintain a posture that is ergonomically correct for the work at hand. Adjustment is so simple that different users can easily raise and lower the platform for shift changes. No tools are needed to flip the 23½” x 40” platform insert, which is smooth plastic laminate on one side and a textured, non-slip surface on the other. The steel platform frame (25½” x 49½”) accommodates inserts made of other materials for special applications.

The rugged steel construction and straightforward design of the workstation ensures long life and trouble-free operation. Because the tabletop is raised and lowered by a 24V internal linear actuator, there is no drift, and the risk of hydraulic leaks is eliminated.

The unit comes prewired and ready to operate—no assembly required. It plugs into any standard 115V wall outlet. Coated with a durable, scratch-resistant, hammertone finish, it is covered by a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

For more information, contact Southworth at (207) 878-0700 or