Xtreme Continues Aggressive Product Development

Lee Kramer, president of Xtreme Manufacturing, Las Vegas, Nev., reports the company sees a tremendous opportunity in the 12,000-pound capacity plus telehandler product segment and is expanding its telehandler offerings to target this growing market segment, accordingly. Its main focus will be to develop a new family of 16,000-, 17,000-, and 20,000-pound capacity units, as well as offer several 15,000-pound telehandlers for both pick-and-place and pick-and-carry applications. Xtreme will roll out these units at World of Concrete. 

The model XR1270  features 12,000 pounds of maximum capacity and 70 feet of vertical reach. It has been designed to replace the XR1267, which has been in production for the past two years. Xtreme also will introduce the XR1642, a 16,000-pound capacity telehandler with a maximum 42 feet of vertical reach, and the XR2034, delivers 20,000 pounds capacity and 34 feet of maximum vertical reach. Both units share common chassis and components with the model XR1270 but do not need outriggers to attain its rated load capacities. The XR620 telehandler also is being upgraded to a XR621.

Following up the product launch at World of Concrete, Xtreme will be rolling out two more new models at ConExpo. First will be the XR1745 with 17,000 pounds of capacity and 45 feet of vertical reach. This unit also shares commonality with the XR1270, but instead of the four-section boom, it will offer a three-section boom and outriggers to achieve the full reach chart. The model XR1255 also will be unveiled at ConExpo; it replaces the current XR1254 model.

While larger capacities and greater reach on Xtreme's product launch story, the redesigned telehandlers also include an updated chassis sway cylinders design, which features a trunnion mount to provide better operator visibility. Currently, the only model that has been shown with trunnion-mounted sway cylinders is the XR620.


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