Xtreme Launches 30K, 20K and Compact Telehandlers at World of Concrete


The biggest news at the World of Concrete was the unprecedented unveiling of four new telehandler products by Xtreme Manufacturing, Las Vegas, Nev. Most noteworthy was the XR3034 telehandler, which features 30,000 pounds of capacity and can place 12,000 pounds at a 34-foot lift height.

At the other end of the spectrum, the company presented two new U.S.-built compact telehandlers, the XR620 and XR621, which featured 6,000 pounds of capacity and 20- and 21-foot reach heights, respectively. Xtreme’s compact units differ only in that the XR621 features a high-pivot boom, and the XR620 has a low-pivot boom.

These two models are the first compact telehandler units to feature frame leveling. Xtreme also is utilizing a hydrostatic drive system—a first for its telehandlers. The company has turned to Linde Hydraulics to supply the drive system, but it continues to use the proven Hawe Hydraulics’s control valve system in all of its new products.

The fourth unit introduced was the XR2050, which is that is capable of placing an amazing 20,000 pounds at 30 feet and a full 9,000 pounds all the way to 50 feet. As with the Hawe valves, Xtreme uses Perkins Tier 3-compliant engines throughout the entire product line.

Lee Kramer, president of Xtreme, observed that although the market was weak, there were opportunities to gain market share with the introduction of products that provided different capabilities. “A lot of our customers are bidding jobs and have indicated that they will need this kind of equipment when they procure those contracts,” Lee said. He also proudly pointed out that Xtreme is the only North American telehander manufacturer producing handlers that cover the entire spectrum.  “From a 6,000-pound compact to our new 30,000-pound [XR3034], we cover it all,” he said.