Xtreme Rolls Out New 20K and 24K Capacity Telehandlers

Xtreme Manufacturing LLC, Las Vegas, Nev., has increased the maximum capacity of its model XR1845 telehandler by 2,000 pounds, to 20,000 pounds, and renamed the unit the XR2045. The company has also boosted the capacity of its former XR2050 by 4,000 pounds, to 24,000 pounds, and renamed it the XR2450 to reflect its new capability.

XR2045, 20,000-pound capacity
According to Randy Reeves, vice president of sales and marketing, Xtreme has boosted the XR2045’s capacity to meet rising market demand for 20,000-pound-capacity telehandlers: “Customers seem to want 20,000-pound telehandlers more than 18,000 pounders. Testing showed the XR1845 is well capable of handling 20,000 pounds, so we have boosted the capacity and labeled the unit to show its true capability,” he says.

The XR2045 is designed for pick-and-place applications. With its outriggers set, the XR2045 can lift 20,000 pounds to a height of about 30 feet with its three-section boom.

Reeves recently hauled one of the first XR2045s, on special “tow and show” tractor-trailer truck, for its inaugural demonstration tour in the eastern United States. The tour rolled up the Eastern Seaboard, from Georgia to the New Jersey and Philadelphia, where it has turned westward and will head into the Midwest and South-central US.

Xtreme’s other 20,000-pound-capacity telehandler is the XR2034, a pick-and-carry model with a two-section 34-foot boom and no outriggers.

XR2450, 24,000-pound capacity
Xtreme has boosted the former XR2050’s maximum capacity to 24,000 pounds. Says Reeves, “The new XR2450 is a pick-and-place, ultra-capacity machine with a three-section boom and outriggers. It is built on a larger frame and axles than the XR2045 and XR2034.

Recent upgrades to other models
These upgrades are the latest in a series of performance improvements that Xtreme has introduced in recent months to meet market demands.

One new model displayed for the first time in March at ConExpo was the XR1270, a 12,000-pound-capacity unit that can place 8,500 pounds at a 70’ height or provide 3,000 pounds of capacity at 53’10” of forward reach. The XR1270 was created by increasing the lift height of its predecessor, the XR1267, by three feet. “The extra three feet of lift height is enough to enable placing a load on a six-story building,” says Reeves.

Another updated unit is the model XR1255, which adds a foot of vertical lift over the former model XR1254. The XR1255 delivers a maximum capacity of 12,000 pounds, can place 10,000 pounds at heights to 55 feet, and offers 3,000-pound capacity at 38 feet of forward reach.

Reeves explained that Xtreme tailors its models to two kinds of applications. “Some models are designed for pick-and-carry applications, in which capacity, speed, and mobility are more important than lift height,” he says. “Those models are designed without outriggers and with two-section booms. They are made for picking and moving heavy loads quickly,” he says.

“Other models are designed to meet the needs of pick-and-place applications, in which loads are picked and then set up onto a structure,” he says. “Those models have outriggers and three- or four-section booms for greater high-lift capability.”

But regardless of application, capacity, or reach, says Reeves, all of Xtreme’s models feature designs and world-class components selected to provide the highest quality, reliability, and performance. Suppliers include Perkins engines, Kawasaki pumps, Hawe hydraulic controls, and extra-thick steel structural components. “We provide high-quality telehandlers that deliver the lowest cost of ownership through a combination of high capacity, reliability, easy maintenance, and long life,” says Reeves.

“Xtreme customers spend a little more at the initial purchase, but they come out well ahead over the working life of the machine,” he says.

“No other North American manufacturer has so many offerings in the high-capacity range,” says Reeves. He says Xtreme believes that heavy civil construction work and energy-related projects will grow stronger in the near future, bringing with it a stronger demand for this range of telehandlers. “This is a market segment that Xtreme is really trying to develop,” he says.

“Our high-quality telehandlers have the capacity and features to improve efficiency and productivity on big, heavy projects,” says Reeves. As those kinds of projects come to life, we think the market will look to Xtreme for telehandler products.”


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