Xtreme Rolls Out XR1056 Telehandler at ConExpo | Construction News


At ConExpo 2017, Xtreme Manufacturing unveiled a new telehandler that expands the company's 10,000-lb.-capacity line.

The new Xtreme XR1056 can lift loads up to 10,000 lbs. or reach a maximum height of 56 ft.

Engineered to withstand the toughest working conditions, this high-pivot telehandler is equipped with a heavy-duty steel frame, chassis, and boom, as well as long-life boom rollers that require minimal maintenance and deliver smooth boom operation for precision handling of loads.

The new XR1056 shares many standard features with the rest of the Xtreme product line, including 360° operator visibility from the cab, intuitive operator controls that permit one hand to stay on on the steering wheel at all times, and an integrated boom lift point. The boom lift point is designed to safely handle suspended loads and can lift the maximum rated load of the telehandler, providing a versatile alternative to a mobile crane.

In addition to sharing standard features with the rest of the Xtreme product range, the new XR1056 has new features that include: a remote-mounted, electric-over-hydraulic Hawe valve located in the rear of the lift to maximize cab space, plus a new automatic powershift ZF transmission. It is equipped with a 72-in. fixed carriage, and has a 50-gallon fuel capacity.

The Xtreme XR1056 is powered by a 74-hp high-torque 3.8-liter Cummins engine that requires no DEF and no DPF.  A 120-hp 3.8-liter Cummins engine is optional.

The compact, four-section boom makes the XR1056 easier to navigate around tight sites or transport between jobs, and has a deep vertical cross section for increased rigidity. Weighing in at 34,000 lbs., the new Xtreme XR1056 has been developed in response to customer demand, and is expected to become a volume model in the rental and construction sectors.

All Xtreme telehandlers are backed by an industry leading 10yr-5yr-2yr warranty, and are built in the USA.  The new Xtreme XR1056 will be available to order in Quarter 4, 2017.