Yamada Offers Grease Lubricator in the United States


The KPL-24 Grease Lubricator from Yamada America, Arlington Heights, Ill., is now available in the United States. This 24-volt, DC electric-powered grease lubricator allows for the efficient greasing of heavy-duty equipment without tapping into hydraulic or pneumatic lines.

The KPL-24 is easy to setup and fits directly onto a 5-gallon grease pail. A 16-gallon version is also available. It works in conjunction with a hose reel and hand grease gun and can be used as a stand-alone or centralized lubrication system. Weighing 24 pounds, the KPL-24 is built to resist tipping and is easy to transport.

Ensuring long-term operation, the KPL-24’s follower plate features metal construction with Buna N wiping seals, rather than conventional one solid piece of Buna N fastened to the coupling with wooden screws. This uniquely designed follower plate is compatible with straight or tapered pails, and it ensures the complete removal of grease from a container.

The KPL-24 is suitable for all types of mobile or stationary construction and mining equipment applications.

The KPL-24’s maximum discharge pressure is 4,061 psi, and discharge volume is 80 to 120 grams/min in continuous operation; 70 to 80 grams/min during 30-minute operation. Revolutions per hour are 95 to 108 rpm. The KPL-24 features a vibration resistance of 4G. Operating temperatures range from 14° to 104° F.