bluelift b72

BlueLift B72 Packs Reach and Features in Compact Chassis

Date: 20-05-2015 / Author: mlarson
BlueLift B72 at Showcase
B72 compact for travel
B72 jib
B72 platform controls
B72 remote controls
B72 in atrium

The BlueLift B72 represents the state of the art in compact tracked lifts. Even though it measures as little as 3’1” wide and 14’9” long for travel, the agile lift delivers up to 66 ft. of platform height, as much as 36 ft. of horizontal reach, and 440-lb. unrestricted platform capacity.

Its standard features include electronic CANbus controls; several choices of power source; electricity and air or water to the platform; and function memory that increases efficiency for repeated movements.

The Bluelift B72 from Reachmaster features lithium battery power combined with a combustion engine. The lithium battery option allows the machine to function the same speed as a gas engine, while machines running on 110-volt electric power only function at about 40% of the speed.
The B72 has a work height of 72 feet and will travel through a standard double door. The machine is easy to operate and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.