Eagle West Equipment

Eagle West Equipment, Abbotsford, British Columbia, offers two new Boscaro EZ spreader bar systems in North America. The modular systems range from 4 to 34 feet and lift up to 35 tons. The spreader bars are powder coated for durability and easily transported and stored.


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Converging Cranes

Date: 09-06-2009 / Author: khorner

When it comes to construction machinery, there often can be several tools that meet the needs of the job. But deciding which machine to use boils down to finding the best solution for the application at hand. Some job requirements are such that they fall in between two product sizes—and sometimes even two crane types altogether. As self-erecting cranes creep up in size and capacity, the lines between city tower cranes and the larger self erector categories start to blur. So when is a self erector the best solution? When is a city crane needed for the job?