jcb telehandler

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Stuart Fox
Visit almost any construction site, and you’re likely to see one of the equipment industry’s most versatile machines—the telescopic handler.

JCB Reveals Biggest Telehandler in its Product Lineup

Date: 18-03-2015 / Author: kparrish
jcb telehandler
jcb telehandler
jcb telehandler

Earlier this month, JCB unveiled its highest-capacity telescopic handler at its facility in Savannah, Ga. The 16,000-lb. capacity 516-42 telehandler handles loads up to 42’6”. With the stabilizers deployed, the 516-42 can deliver 6,000 lbs. to its full reach of 27’10” and 10,000 lbs/ to 19’10” reach. At its full lift height, the machine can handle 10,000 lbs.

JCB's 510-56 Loadall telescopic handler offers 10,000-lb. maximum capacity, as well as the option of lifting on tires or with front-mounted stabilizers. With stabilizer support, the JCB telehandler can lift 4,000 lbs. to its full 56-ft. height, or provide 42-ft. forward reach with 3,000-lb. capacity. On tires alone, the JCB 510-56 forklift can lift 3,000 lbs. to a height of 52 ft. or 300 lbs. at 42-ft. forward reach.

Heavy Telescopic Handler Showdown

Date: 11-04-2013 / Author: kparrish

Only about a decade ago, 10,000-lb. telehandlers were the largest commonly seen telehandlers, but engineering feats over the years have more than quadrupled these machines’ capacities. The 2012 Lift and Access Showcase & Symposium featured walkaround demonstrations of four larger telescopic handlers that ranged in capacity from 10,000 to 30,000 lbs. Telehandlers featured in the demonstrations included the 10,000-lb. capacity JCB 510-56 Loadall, the 12,000-lb. capacity JLG G12-55A, the 20,000-lb.