Material Handler

Manitou’s MRT 2470 Privilege Plus rotating telehandler can lift 15,400 lbs. to 80’4” and reach 67’3” forward. It offers three operating modes (telehandler, winch, and platform) and numerous attachments. Its boom and 360° rotation allow operators to swing and place materials instead of pick, drive, and place them.

The Magni RTH 8.25 SH offers the heaviest maximum lifting capacity for a rotating telehandler at 17,600 lbs. and a maximum lifting height of 81 ft. With its attachments, it can serve as several machines in one, including a telescopic forklift, rough-terrain crane, access platform and more. The RTH 8.25 SH can lift 11,600 lbs. at maximum height and 2,600 lbs. at a maximum forward reach of 69 ft. 

Rotating Telehandlers Add a Twist to Traditional Material Handlers

Date: 30-04-2015 / Author: kparrish
manitou telehandler
merlo telehandler
About 15 years ago, I was introduced to the first rotating telehandler in North America. The unit was made by the Manitou Group in Europe and imported into the United States.
I have to admit that I was very skeptical about how this product would be accepted in North America.