safety training

By : 
Mike Larson
Anyone wanting proof that a big project can finish ahead of schedule, under budget, and at the highest level of safety need only look at the success of the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation’s Marquette Interchange reconstruction.
The four-year, $810-million project, completed in 2008, finished three months ahead of schedule, $10 million to $15 million under budget, and without a single fatality or critical injury. Its economy, speed, and safety have made it the model for every Wis-DOT mega project since.
By : 
Jeff Stachowiak

When it comes to safety, myths and rumors often cloud what are acceptable practices in the lifting equipment industry. Jeff Stachowiak, national safety training director for Sunbelt Rentals, Fort Mills, S.C., developed the following list of items in order to set the record straight on many common myths.


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