Bailey Cranes Debuts Universal Lifting Device

Bailey Cranes Debuts Universal Lifting Device

Bailey Cranes, Milwaukee, Wis., has introduced the Brandon, a universal forklift, hoist truck, and window/panel lifting device. This universal lifting device provides a 2,500-lb. forklift capacity, a 7,200-lb. hoisting capacity with the main boom and a 6,000-lb. telescoping boom capacity, and a 1,100-lb. panel lifting capacity. Powered by a 24V 5-hp electric motor, the unit can be operated via radio remote control or the walkie handle. The Brandon weighs 5,200 lbs.


The base unit of the Brandon includes two telescopic booms and one manual pull-out boom. To convert the unit to a fork or panel lifter, the fork or window attachments replace the pull-out boom. The unit has rear-wheel steering and two-wheel drive and braking. During operation, the system displays rated load and actual load information and system diagnostics. 


Measuring only 34.5-in. wide, the Brandon can move through a single doorway. Overall, it is 5'4" tall and 8'7" long from end to end.


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