Bailey Cranes Expands into Specialty Market Manlifts

Bailey Cranes Expands into Specialty Market Manlifts

Bailey Cranes, Milwaukee, Wis., has expanded its product offerings to include specialty personnel lifts that are either modified from existing manufacturers’ equipment or are designed and built from the ground up to meet customers’ unique requirements.

Some of the company’s key products include: custom-designed personnel lifts; battery-powered big booms and scissor lifts; electrically insulated aerial lifts; personnel lifts for hazardous locations EE, ES, DY, and DS; modification of standard manufacturers’ lifts; omni-directional steering aerial lifts; personnel lifts for clean rooms; and all-electric aerial lifts.

The company’s new offerings also include glass-lifting and installation equipment, machinery carts, die carts, and material-transfer cars, as well as design, testing, and contract services for personnel lifts and cranes.

Founder and president Jeff Bailey says, “We are looking to work with customers and OEMs to produce one-of-a-kind or lower-volume specialty personnel lifts that are solutions to unique requirements. We have the experience to modify existing lifts, or to design and build a custom solution from scratch in a short time.”

As an example, Bailey says that if a customer needs to have an OEM’s standard lift converted from diesel to electric power and equipped with extra safety features for work in a potentially explosive environment, and the OEM may not have the time or resources to make those changes for a few machines, Bailey Cranes can work with the customer and OEM to help analyze what changes are needed and then modify the lifts to the application’s needs.

It can modify boom lifts with lengths up to 185 ft. and can also work with battery-powered systems of up to 80 volts. 

Jeff Bailey also notes that Bailey Cranes also provides independent engineering, design, design verification, and testing services for the aerial lift, crane, and rigging-equipment industries.   


Jeff Bailey re-enters specialty personnel lift industry

Bailey Cranes’ expansion into specialty personnel lifts marks president Jeff Bailey’s re-entry into the aerial lift industry.  

His extensive experience includes more than 25 years of work in the aerial-lift industry. Bailey has served on committees for the ANSI A92.5 (Boom Supported Elevating Work Platform) and A92.6 (Self-Propelled Aerial Work Platforms) standards, as well as the NFPA 505 Fire Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks, the STP UL583 Battery Powered Industrial Trucks standard, and the STP UL588  Internal Combustion Engine Industrial Trucks standard.

He holds pending patents for a battery-removal system and a progressive function control, as well as being the inventor in patents for a load-sensing mechanism, a material-handling device, and a pallet loading system for aircraft.

In 2000, Bailey founded Man & Material Lift Engineering. Over the next decade, he led the company to prominence among specialty-lift manufacturers. In 2010, Bailey sold M&MLE and agreed not to compete in the aerial personnel lift business for several years. The non-compete for the products identified has now expired.

Shortly after selling his former company in 2010, Bailey founded Bailey Cranes, which has focused solely on developing, designing, and manufacturing high-quality hybrid- and battery-powered cranes for industrial applications. The staff includes engineers specializing in mechanical design, structural analysis, and advanced controls.

The company’s award-winning products include carry-deck cranes with capacities from 9,000 to 36,000 lbs., pedestal-mounted cranes, and the versatile new Brandon 6,000-lb. walk-behind mobile crane. All are developed, tested, and manufactured at the company’s 23,000-sq.ft. factory in Milwaukee.

Starting now, the company is applying its 100 collective years of design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing experience to serve customers in the specialty personnel lift market. It’s new name—Bailey Manlifts & Cranes—reflects the company’s commitment to personnel-lift products.

“We’re set up for short-run, hand-built production by technicians who have high-level skills and understand the equipment. The result is a top-quality product turned out quickly,” says Bailey.

In early July, a leading aircraft manufacturer purchased an omni-steer version of Bailey Manlifts & Cranes’ new Brandon crane. The omni-steer system lets all four wheels turn for maximum maneuverability and the ability for the crane to turn 360° in place.


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