Bailey Cranes to Roll Out First Battery-Powered Carry-Deck Model

Bailey Cranes to Roll Out First Battery-Powered Carry-Deck Model

Bailey Cranes will roll out a brand-new, battery-powered carry deck crane beginning in February 2013.

Named the IC-18, the 18,000-lb.-capacity crane is the first in a line of four battery-powered carry-deck models that Bailey Cranes plans to produce. The Bailey family of cranes will range in capacity from 9,000 lb. to 36,000 lb.

All four models will come with 80-volt battery power standard and propane hybrid power optional. The optional hybrid power system will use series hybrid technology, with a propane-fueled 480V 3-phase on-board generator recharging the batteries when the operator chooses to fire it up. The batteries can also be recharged by plugging into a 240V or 480V 3-phase power source.

Bailey Cranes LLC is a two-year-old company headed by Jeff Bailey, former owner of Man Lift Engineering, Cudahy, Wis. It operates a 23,000-sq.-ft. factory in Milwaukee, where the firm designs, fabricates, and assembles its products.

President and CEO Jeff Bailey says the company’s battery-powered products are ideal for applications requiring exhaust-free operation, such as clean rooms, aircraft or aerospace plants, industrial plants, mining, congested work areas, and the food industry.  Bailey says the hybrid option allows for continuous operation and is ideal for machinery movers, rental companies, industrial plants, construction companies, and similar applications.

The first model to roll out of Bailey’s plant will be the IC-18, which offers 18,000-lb. lifting capacity on outriggers, and 11,700-lb. pick-and-carry capability. Bailey expects to turn the key on a prototype in January 2013 and make it commercially available in February.

The IC-18 has a 3-section, full-power, telescopic boom that extends and retracts with two hydraulic cylinders. Its length ranges from 11’ 4” fully retracted to 30’ 0” fully extended. The boom offers a maximum tip height of 37’5” and a maximum load radius of 30 ft. A 10-ft. boom extension increases the maximum tip height to 46 ft. and the maximum radius to 40 ft. The boom extension can be mounted in-line, or offset to 15° or 30°.

The machine features hydraulically powered 360° continuous swing. Maximum 360° capacities on outriggers range from 17,000 lbs. at a 5-ft. radius, to 1,950 lbs. at a 30-ft. radius with the boom, or 1,750 lbs. at a 32-ft. radius to 1,150 lbs. at a 40-ft. radius on the 10-ft. boom extension.

The hydraulically powered winch delivers 9,000-lb. single-line pull.

The two-wheel-drive travel system is powered electrically by two AC motors that are driven directly by the batteries. Bailey chose the AC electric travel system for its performance, responsiveness, controllability, and low maintenance. The system uses regenerative braking to help recharge the batteries. For maximum maneuverability, the IC-18 comes standard with hydraulically powered four-wheel steering.

The operator’s cab is comfortable and is similar to those used by other carry-deck crane manufacturers, according to Bailey, so operators will find it very familiar and easy to work in. The function controls are fully proportional for excellent control and productivity.

Compact dimensions let the IC-18 maneuver into tight spots. Set for travel, the chassis measures just 12’ 6.5” long, 6’6” wide, and 6’11” tall. From the back of the chassis to the tip of the stowed boom, the overall length is just 17’ 8.5”.

With its outriggers fully deployed, the IC-18 measures just 9’ 9.25” wide, and the upperworks tailswing over the sides is a mere 1’ 7.25”.

On fully charged batteries, the IC-18 will run for six hours of hard use or 10 hours of normal use.


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