BlueLift B85 Makes Debut at Tree Care Show

BlueLift B85 Makes Debut at Tree Care Show
BlueLift B85 Makes Debut at Tree Care Show
BlueLift B85 Makes Debut at Tree Care Show

ReachMaster debuted the79-ft. platform height BlueLift B85 at the Tree Care Industry Association's recent TCI Expo in Pittsburgh, Pa.

ReachMaster, North America's exclusive importer of BlueLift products, says the new B85 is the only compact lift in the United States powered by a combination of a lithium battery and a gas engine, making it the only true hybrid machine in its class.

With a platform height of 79 ft. and a working height of 85 ft., the B85 is the tallest BlueLift model, surpassing the B72 by 13 ft.

Measuring just 3'2" wide, 6'6" tall, and 17'0" long when stowed for travel with the platform removed, the BlueLift B85 is far and away the most compact lift in its class.

The B85 shares the same new revolutionary technology introduced this year on all BlueLift products, including: innovative electro-hydraulic system that lets a user operate two functions independently at the same time; improved efficiency; the convenience of one controller fits all, and many more.

The system simplifies reduces the number of control circuits, increases power, and lets a user dial in functions with fully proportional control. It also makes operation smooth, precise, and fast, so it is ideal for rental, tree care, building maintenance, window cleaning, and many other applications.

The double-stacked articulating lower boom, four-section telescopic upper boom, and articulating jib deliver up to 79 ft.of platform height, 47'10" of horizontal reach, and 550-lb. unrestricted platform capacity from a machine that weighs just 7,600 lbs.

The B85's key features include multi-position outriggers, auto-leveling, auto centering of the turret, and a two-speed drive system. The standard B85 is powered by a 15-hp Honda gasoline engine and an electric motor, giving unlimited use of the platform both indoors and out. The lift can be also be ordered with a single-cylinder diesel engine and/or lithium-ion battery pack, or the with a hybrid the combines batteries and a combustion engine.

The new system, coupled with BlueLift’s lithium hybrid technology "will revolutionize how the industry defines the latest generations of compact lifts," said Stephanie Gunther, ReachMaster's key-account sales manager. "By improving the operator interface significantly, these hugely versatile stalwarts of the powered access world have become more accessible, safe and simple to use.”

Pinnacle Tree Company, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, purchased the first BlueLift B85 right off the show floor at the Tree Care Industry Association's TCI Expo in mid November.

The new model joins the highly successful B72 that Pinnacle has been running since the beginning of the year. Pinnacle Tree Care owner Greg Templeman, said: “We have been working with the ReachMaster team for a long time. We are very happy with our BlueLift B72, and now we are really impressed with the new B85."

Templeman added, "It has the superb performance and build quality we have come to expect from a BlueLift product. This is a great addition to our range. It will be welcomed by our operators, many of whom are already familiar with BlueLift booms and confident in their operation. It’s very easy and intuitive to use.”

ReachMaster President Ebbe Christensen said that during the show ReachMaster also received a number of requests for other BlueLift AWPs, including the most popular B72, as well as interest in the new B85.


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