The ReachMaster Bluelift B35-EB is designed specifically to address applications in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and museum locations, or any location where operator needs to go up, over, and out from a handrail and then descend to work below level. The compact lift does this through an elevator system, mounted to the jib. Once an operator swings the unit out over a handrail, the jib is lowered to the vertical position, creating a system that runs along the jib like an extension and elevator for the basket. 


ReachMaster Receives '2019 Dealer of the Year' Award

Date: 27-09-2019 / Author: abrumm
Bluelift B35-EB

ReachMaster Inc. received the global “2019 Dealer of the Year” award for its sales of the Bluelift product line from Ruthmann Italia in North America during the opening ceremony of the new Bluelift factory in Italy on Sep. 5.

ReachMaster Rolls Out Anti-Entrapment Safety Systems for Compact Aerial Lifts

Date: 08-06-2018 / Author: kscally
ReachMaster anti-entrapment system

ReachMaster is now offering anti-entrapment safety systems on all their Falcon and Bluelift compact aerial lift models.

While many scissor and boom lift manufacturers have introduced these systems on their models, the Houston-based company is claiming to be the first to do so in North America for the compact lift segment.

“We have witnessed how these systems saves lives and how Europe, and in particular the UK, has adapted to these new systems on a larger scale,” said Ebbe Christensen, president of ReachMaster.

BlueLift B85 Makes Debut at Tree Care Show

Date: 24-11-2015 / Author: mlarson

ReachMaster debuted the79-ft. platform height BlueLift B85 at the Tree Care Industry Association's recent TCI Expo in Pittsburgh, Pa.

ReachMaster, North America's exclusive importer of BlueLift products, says the new B85 is the only compact lift in the United States powered by a combination of a lithium battery and a gas engine, making it the only true hybrid machine in its class.

With a platform height of 79 ft. and a working height of 85 ft., the B85 is the tallest BlueLift model, surpassing the B72 by 13 ft.

BlueLift B72 Packs Reach and Features in Compact Chassis

Date: 20-05-2015 / Author: mlarson
BlueLift B72 at Showcase
B72 compact for travel
B72 jib
B72 platform controls
B72 remote controls
B72 in atrium

The BlueLift B72 represents the state of the art in compact tracked lifts. Even though it measures as little as 3’1” wide and 14’9” long for travel, the agile lift delivers up to 66 ft. of platform height, as much as 36 ft. of horizontal reach, and 440-lb. unrestricted platform capacity.

Its standard features include electronic CANbus controls; several choices of power source; electricity and air or water to the platform; and function memory that increases efficiency for repeated movements.

Reachmaster Adds Lithium-Powered Bluelift Access Platforms to Lineup

Date: 06-02-2013 / Author: kparrish

Although lithium-powered compact lifts are not new, the ability to combine lithium batteries and a combustion engine on the same unit is ground breaking, according to Ebbe Christensen, president of ReachMaster Inc. “We’ve been involved in pioneering lithium solutions before, and the challenge has always remained to make a system that is compact enough to fit even the smallest units and still leave space for an outdoor combustion engine and thereby making it a true hybrid,” he said.


Entry-Level Tracked Lifts Travel with Ease

Date: 21-03-2012 / Author: kparrish

Compact, track-mounted aerial lifts fit through single doorways, tread lightly enough to work on finished floors, set up in only a few couple of minutes, and have the power and stability to lift 440 pounds of workers and tools up four stories or more. Is it any wonder the popularity of these versatile aerial work platforms is rising as quickly as they can set up and go to work?