DICA Launches Crane Mats for High-Capacity Cranes

DICA Launches Crane Mats for High-Capacity Cranes

DICA has introduced a new line of fiber-reinforced polymer crane mats for high-capacity cranes. Large, high-capacity cranes require large load distributing footprints on a variety of soil conditions, including low soil-bearing pressures, and the FiberMax crane mats product line were designed to meet the requirements of these cranes.

The FiberMax crane mats use the same technology developed for lightweight vehicle bridges. Using an internal redundant I-Beam construction, the continuous glass fibers provide maximum strength and stiffness. The mats distribute concentrated loads over large areas to safely reduce ground-bearing pressure more effectively than wood or steel, which is crucial for high-capacity cranes that are operating on the ground with lower soil pressures.

FiberMax crane mats are available in four sizes: 60"x60", 72"x72", 84"x84", and 96"x96". They are chemical and water resistant and provide a non-slip wear surface. The fiber-reinforced materials are protected in a steel frame and have steel lifting points.

When compared to wood or steel crane mats, DICA said the FiberMax crane mat is lighter, which lowers transportation costs; it is engineered for directional load distribution; it has a higher compressive and flex strength; it don't be permanently deformed, rot, yield, or degrade; it is easier to handle, and has a longer lifespan.



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