Dual Crane/Aerial Ratings Speed Setup, Boost Versatility of Altec's New Boom Truck

Dual Crane/Aerial Ratings Speed Setup, Boost Versatility of Altec's New Boom Truck

Altec Inc.'s new AC40-152S boom truck has a dual rating that lets it meet the standards of both the crane and the aerial lift industries.

The dual rating lets it work efficiently in construction and transmission applications while helping minimize setup time and the amount of equipment needed on a jobsite.

Engineered as a dual-rated product, the AC40-152S offers both a crane mode of operation that  complies with the ASME B30.5 standard and an aerial mode of operation that complies with the ANSI A92.2 standard, when the unit is outfitted with optional equipment.

The dual rating lets users increase jobsite efficiency and productivity. It also continues Altec's commitment to safety and operator convenience.

The AC40-152S will be added to the Global Rental fleet, and is now available to order.

"We identified a need to have a machine with more vertical reach than what we could currently offer our customers with a product in this class," said Dan Brock, Altec crane market manager. "The AC40-152S received praise in the field during testing and has the potential to greatly increase the job site efficiency and productivity for our customers." Brock added that the features and benefits provide carries Altec's standards of safety, productivity, reliability, and operator convenience.

Dual-Rated Product

Having both an aerial and crane mode of operation based on optional equipment and configuration, the AC40-152S can enhance overall job site efficiency and productivity. Designed to meet both crane and aerial industry standards, the unit is optimized to deliver reliable performance and industry-leading safety features.

When the rig is configured for aerial operation and outfitted with optional equipment, the operator can send crews aloft to work at heights of more than 220 ft.

When the AC40-152S is configured for crane operation, the user has all the benefits of a crane that offers 40-ton maximum capacity and a 152-ft. maximum main-boom length.

The dual rating can save time and money by letting crews do more work and by reducing the amount of equipment needed on a job.

Quick Attach Platform

Altec's patent-pending quick attach platform reduces the overall time required to install the platform on uneven ground. The platform interfaces with a lightweight bracket that seamlessly secures to the main boom, the end of the jib, or the optional composite reach extension.

Once the platform is in position on the ground and the bracket is attached to any of those locations, the operator can simply extend the boom until the bracket engages the platform.

Dual Entry Cab

A standard feature on the AC40-152S, Altec's patented Dual Entry Cab provides safe access/egress throughout the entire range of rotation. When combined with the 20° tilt feature, the cab delivers an outstanding overhead view.

Load Moment and Area Protection (LMAP)

The AC40-152S features Altec's new LMAP system. LMAP's convenient menu navigation with intuitive user interface displays load on hook, rated capacity percentage, boom length and angle, and load radius. Altec was the first boom truck crane manufacturer to include operator-defined audible alarm set points (area protection) as standard equipment with the Load Moment Indicator (LMI).

Longer Outrigger Jack Cylinders

Longer outrigger cylinders, standard on the AC40-152S, allow easy setup on uneven ground and alleviate the need for extra cribbing. This feature reduces fatigue, minimizes set up time, and allows more payload on the truck's deck.


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