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Elliott Displays Tallest Aerial Lift Offering at ICUEE

Elliott Displays Tallest Aerial Lift Offering at ICUEE
Elliott Displays Tallest Aerial Lift Offering at ICUEE

Elliott Equipment Co., Omaha, Neb., unveiled its tallest truck-mounted aerial lift, the E160/215, at ICUEE. According to Jim Glazer, president of Elliott Equipment Co., “Elliott Equipment and Custom Truck Equipment worked together to develop the E160/215 E-Line model…Custom Truck’s many years of experience working with the largest utility and electrical contractors helped us put substantial amounts of end-user feedback into the design of this machine.”

The aerial lift has a five-section powered boom with the main boom extending 155 ft. When the jib is attached, it offers 215-ft. working height, 80 ft. of side reach, and a 360° working area.

The 36”x72” gravity-leveled, steel platform offers 1,200 lbs. of platform capacity when working under 200 ft. (600 lbs. when working over 200 ft.) and a hydraulically assisted yoke designed for one person to easily attach the platform to the boom or jib. The basket has a double handrail with grounding lugs and a hydraulic tool circuit for using hand tools in the platform.

Another key feature of the E160/215 is its 30,000-lb. material handling capacity. Using 425-ft. of 5/8-in. Amsteel Blue synthetic rope, which was chosen over steel wire rope to reduce the machine’s overall weight, the aerial lift can become a material handler in minutes. Despite being about to lift 30,000 lbs., the OSHA load test requirement does not apply because this unit complies with the ANSI A92.2 vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating work platform standard rather than ASME B30.5 mobile crane standard. Note that the operator must meet OSHA or state crane regulations when lifting loads over 2,000 lbs.

To operate the machine from the platform, Elliott employs an Omnex wireless radio remote control with built-in Greer LMI to provide the operator with proportional control over boom rotation, elevation, extension, and winch functions. A hard-wired connection is available in the platform. The Greer Insight LMI features a full color screen with a graph showing crane utilization, boom angle or length, mode select controls for main boom and jib operation, and anti-two block audio/visual warning and shut-off functions.

At the lower controls, Elliott’s Ride-Around console with an adjustable seat and full-pressure hydraulic controls are mounted on a 360° continuous rotation turret for visibility at all boom positions.

The unit is mounted on a federal bridge legal five-axle chassis. Developed for the transmission construction market, the E160/215 reduces setup and teardown time with its two-stage, extra-long EZ-Crib out-and-down outriggers, which have a 21’2” front spread and 26’2” spread when fully deployed. Outrigger controls are located on each side of bed, and outrigger interlocks prevent the unit from being operated without deployment. No front stabilizer is required.


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