Elliott Unveils Powerful Digger Derrick

Elliott Equipment Company has introduced the D105, an ANSI 10.31 digger derrick.

The D105 is designed specifically for building power transmission lines and other heavy-duty construction projects. Mounted on a tandem-axle chassis, the D105 digger derrick delivers 107-ft. maximum sheave height, 20,000 lb.-ft. of torque, and a 41-ft. maximum digging radius.

The unit features Elliott’s high boom-mounting point, whose geometry gives maximum power for raising the auger out of the hole.

Two other key features are the efficient variable-displacement piston pump, and a new ergonomic seated control console.

Other key features include:

* Four-section, proportional, telescoping steel boom
* 20,000-lb.-ft. digger system with auger speeds of 35 (low) and 80 rpm (high)
* Digging radius to 41 ft. and digging depth to 16 ft.
* Heavy-duty tilting pole claw and guide designed for gripping large poles
* New front-entry seated pedestal control station with LMI
* Ability to handle augers to 48 in. in diameter
* Winch with 12,000-lb. single-line pull, synthetic rope, and 30,000-lb.
   maximum lift capacity at a 10-ft. radius
* Mounts on tandem-axle chassis
* Radio remote control of boom and digger operation
* Optional out-and-down "EZ-CRIB", high-penetration, two-stage vertical
   outriggers designed for full- or mid-span operation