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Fascan Unveils Industry's Tallest Wallboard Crane | Construction News

Fascan Unveils Industry's Tallest Wallboard Crane | Construction News

Fascan International has introduced the new F600SE.44 wallboard crane, which can reach up more than 10 stories, giving it the highest reach of any wallboard crane in the U.S. market. Fascan is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Fassi articulating cranes.

The F600SE.44 has a maximum lifting capacity of 6,600 lbs., a vertical reach of more than 115 ft., and a horizontal reach of 101 ft. Its overall stowed dimensions are 8’3” wide x 28’7” long x 9’5” high. 

The F600SE.44 has been designed to withstand extensive, intense operation through its high-capacity oil cooler; AGS automatic greasing system with braided, high pressure lines; and rigorous fatigue testing by Fassi technicians.

In addition to its reach and capacity, the F600SE.44 also features sophisticated control, monitoring, and safety components, including:

The FX901 control system, with 7-in. color touchscreen display that allows the operator to view detailed information about the stabilization conditions and the crane’s operation.

Digital RCH / RCS remote control and new V7 radio control units.

Automatic Dynamic Control (ADC), which verifies all the crane’s functions and maximizes the speed of movement in accordance with the load.

FX900, the digital brain that coordinates and manages the best operating conditions for performance and optimal machine control, as well as the crane’s safety devices.

“This new wallboard crane extends the already exceptional capacity of the SE line,” says Bernie Faloney, Fascan president and CEO. “The building industry is looking to do more with its equipment, and the F600SE.44 is going to allow contractors to do so with ease.” 


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