Fassi and Giuffre: Six years of rescue and recovery at Indy

This May, Fascan and Giuffre Brothers Cranes, marked their 6th year of coming to the aid of disabled vehicles at the famed Indianapolis 500.     

In 2011, the two companies teamed up to operate the Safety Recovery Vehicle (SRV) to ensure the quick, careful removal of any vehicles rendered unable to continue the race, either by accident or mechanical failure.  

The SRV was commissioned by Mel Harder, head of operations at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, to provide a safer way to recover racecars while reducing risk to the safety personnel and minimizing damage to disabled vehicles during retrieval.    


“We researched every possible model of knuckleboom crane,” said Dominic Giuffre, Sr., co-owner of Giuffre Brothers. “Different people operate this crane at different times throughout the race, so we needed a crane that was easy to use, had intuitive controls, and a smooth operation.  Nothing came close to the Fassi.”