Genie Online Event to Seek Input on Innovations

Genie AMA event

REDMOND, Wash. – Genie customers are invited to participate in its “Ask Me Anything” online event June 4-8, which will focus on practical innovations for the aerial and rental markets.

On June 4, Genie will post a prompt on the Genie Aerial Pros AMA Event page, as well as on social media to garner questions. The post will stay live for questions and comments through June 8. The goal of this sixth Genie AMA event is to give customers an opportunity to ask Genie questions about its customer-focused product innovations and how this approach directly benefits them.  

“Work always has to be done in the air, such as putting ventilation ducts in place, installing HVAC systems, painting ceilings or roofs, mounting electrical boxes, welding structures or trimming trees,” said Adam Hailey, Genie director of product management, Terex AWP. “No matter what decade — 50 years ago or today — a contractor looks at the job at hand and says, ‘So, how do we do that?’ because they know the job has to get done. Customers’ needs have always driven our company’s product innovations — and that process never ends. It is in every new product that we develop.”

According to Hailey, in the last 50 years, Genie innovations are changing the market and setting the industry standard for quality, reliability, and safety in aerial lift equipment.  

Ahead of this event, Genie encourages customers and key stakeholders to gain preliminary information on this topic through a video presentation, which can be accessed through the Genie AMA Event Presentation. Additional information and resources can be found at

Once questions are posted and reviewed, Genie will post responses from its team members, including engineering and safety experts, to the questions in a timely manner. Customers wishing to participate in the AMA event, or simply to follow the questions and responses, can access the Genie Aerial Pros website in a variety of ways, including the dedicated website, as well as via and through the company’s social media pages: Facebook (GenieLift), Twitter (@GenieLift), LinkedIn (Genie Industries) and Instagram (@genie_lift). 

“Genie products do more than just change how the job is done — they can change the job,” said Chad Hislop, Genie director of engineering, Terex AWP. “We focus on developing equipment specs that are both functional and appropriate for what the customer requires. We take the feedback from these hands-on, real-world applications and make sure the machines are truly designed to work as we intended.”

According to Hislop, this is a testament to how Genie runs its product development projects. 

“We work with our customers to make sure we are delivering a successful product, ultimately leading to the success of not just our own business but our customers’ business too,” Hislop said.

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