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Genie's New 6,000-lb. Telehandler Aims to Lift Performance and ROI.

Genie's New 6,000-lb. Telehandler Aims to Lift Performance and ROI.
Genie's New 6,000-lb. Telehandler Aims to Lift Performance and ROI.
Genie's New 6,000-lb. Telehandler Aims to Lift Performance and ROI.
Genie's New 6,000-lb. Telehandler Aims to Lift Performance and ROI.
Genie's New 6,000-lb. Telehandler Aims to Lift Performance and ROI.
Genie's New 6,000-lb. Telehandler Aims to Lift Performance and ROI.

Genie has introduced the GTH-636, an all-new 6,000-lb.-capacity telehandler that delivers full-sized performance in a compact machine at a competitive price.

“With the GTH-636, we took the best features of our 8,000-lb. telehandler and then created a whole new equation. We focused on maximizing customer ROIC,” said Chad Hislop, director of product management, Terex Aerial Work Platforms.

Hislop said research showed that customers, particularly rental companies, were looking for a 6,000-lb. class machine that would provide outstanding performance but could be purchased at a price that would let them make money while charging 6,000-lb. rental rates.

So rather than simply de-tuning an 8,000-lb.-capacity telehandler by downsizing the cylinders, Genie designed the GTH-636 as new from the ground up to meet the market’s ideal requirements.

The GTH-636 design optimizes the machine's boom and chassis structures to keep the machine's weight less than 20,000 lbs. while retaining high-performance features, such as full-sized tires, excellent capacities, fast operating speeds, versatility, precision control, and maneuverability.

The GTH-636 has a maximum lifting height of 36 ft. and can lift 5,000 lbs. to that elevation. It can also pick 1,500 lbs. at its maximum forward reach of 21'11", and can pick and carry its full 6,000-lb. maximum capacity.  

It weighs just 17,600 lbs., and can travel at up to 18 mph. It measures just 7’10” tall with the boom stowed, 7’11” wide, and 17’10” long (not counting forks).

Its compact size, 10’11” wheelbase, and steering system make the GTH-636 quite maneuverable and offer an outside turning radius of just 13’4”. The steering system offers two-wheel front, coordinated, and crab steering modes for maximum maneuverability.

“Staying under 20,000 lbs. is important because it lets us provide top-notch performance while using a 74-hp. turbocharged diesel engine, which saves fuel and enables the GTH-636 to meet Tier 4 Final emission standards using just a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC),” said Hislop.

The DOC is a catalytic converter that is designed to last the life of the machine and requires no scheduled servicing and no regeneration like a diesel particulate filter does. The engine is the same one that Genie uses to power its larger aerial boom lifts, so technicians who’ve worked on those machines will already be familiar with it.

The GTH-636’s engine is mounted low on the right side of the chassis, providing easy access for maintenance and excellent visibility for the operator. Other design features that contribute to excellent visibility include a high-pivot boom mounting, a boom support designed for better rearward vision, and a clear view of all four tires.

The tires are full-sized and designed to provide twice the life of previous tires. The axle design has also been optimized, and the power train includes a rugged but easy to use Dana Powershift transmission with three speeds forward and reverse, a front-axle differential lock for extra traction in rugged ground, and a rear axle that floats but has physical stops. The full-time four-wheel-drive travel system delivers plenty of power to pick and carry a full-capacity load in most any ground condition.

Fenders over all four wheels come standard to help keep the machine cleaner and looking good. Hislop said research shows that machines that look well maintained tend to be treated better by rental customers.

The three-section boom telescopes in and out proportionally for excellent load control and smoothness. It is extended and retracted by a single hydraulic cylinder and system of chains.

It extends to full length in 11 seconds and retracts in 9 seconds. The boom extension cylinder and chains may be serviced by removing one cover at its rear and removing all the boom cylinders and chains as a unit without having to take the boom apart, so inspection and servicing can be done in a few hours.

“Genie has built its reputation on products that are easy to maintain and service,” said Hislop. “Regular maintenance is easier, and that keeps the equipment working.”

The boom is raised by a single cylinder, which can raise the boom to maximum angle in 10 seconds and lower it to resting position in 8 seconds.

The GTH-636 cab is the same comfortable, high-visibility model used on Genie's 8,000-lb. GTH-844 telehandler, so operators who are familiar with one model will quickly be comfortable in both.

The new cab, launched in 2013, offers an ergonomic layout, a comfortable adjustable suspension seat, and an adjustable tilt steering wheel to accommodate operators of all sizes. A single joystick provides smooth fully proportional pilot control for the boom functions. An open cab is standard, and cab options include fully enclosed, and fully enclosed with air conditioning.

Like all Genie telehandlers, the new GTH-636 comes with the Quick-Attach system, which gives the operator the flexibility to use the forks and carriage that come with the machine, or quickly attach to a new carriage. The GTH-636 can even accept approved aftermarket personnel platforms.

The boom is also equipped with a 6,000-lb.-capacity lifting shackle that allows it to conveniently lift sling-suspended loads.

The standard auxiliary hydraulic system simplifies the use of hydraulic attachments. It operates at 3,000 psi and flows from 2 to 15 gpm.

The Genie GTH-636 is now in production and available in North and South America.


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