Hatz Diesel with Silent Pack is 60% Quieter

Hatz Diesel with Silent Pack is 60% Quieter
Hatz Diesel with Silent Pack is 60% Quieter

Hatz has developed its four-cylinder diesel engine from the H-series with the newly developed Silent Pack to be powerful but gentle.

The company's state-of-the-art Hatz 4H50TIC diesel unit puts out up to 55 kW (53.8 hp) at a maximum torque of 240 Nm (177 lb.-ft.) and complies with all current norms and requirements, such as EU Stage IIIB or US EPA Tier 4 Final.

In connection with the insulation, specially developed for this engine, the Hatz 4H50TIC Silent Pack reaches a reduction of the noise emission by 4 decibel despite the cooling fan. Therefore the engine is 60% quieter than a non-capsulated Open Power Unit (OPU).

Universal use

The liquid-cooled diesel engines of the Hatz H-series are the more compact, lightweight and economical engines of their class. All the advantages of the non-capsulated Hatz four-cylinder diesel engine are the same for the insulated Hatz 4H50TIC with Silent Pack.

During the development of the Silent Pack version, it was very important for the engineers to keep the installation dimensions as small as possible and to keep the engine accessible for easy maintenance.

There is also a special flexibility for the world-wide operation. The high release temperature is identical to the non-capsulated version and the turbocharging gives enough buffer for applications in altitudes.

The sound insulation of the Hatz 4H50TIC Silent Pack is also provides efficient protection from weather and contact, so it can be used on machines where the diesel unit is open fitted.

Integrated plug-and-play solution

The Hatz Open Power Unit (OPU) plug-and-play solution, which is also the base for the Hatz 4H50TIC Silent Pack, is ideal for equipment manufacturers who need complete ready-to-install engines.

The main application areas are for example hydraulic lifts, hydraulic power units, forestry machinery, drilling rigs, and stationary applications such as pumps and generators. Due to the integrated and optimized specification of radiator, tubing and wiring of electronics, the Hatz OPU concept provides a tremendous ease of installation.

Value for money, silent and retrofit

The Hatz plug-and-play 4H50TIC Silent Pack is a system which is reasonably priced and tested by the engine manufacturer sold by the Hatz sales and service net in 120 countries worldwide. In addition to the complete package, Hatz also offers the Silent Pack as retrofit.


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