Hiab introduces the HIAB X-HIPRO 232 at 2017 ICUEE

Just as the classic Swiss Army knife is synonymous with quality, ingenuity and above all, versatility, the HIAB X-HIPRO 232 is the solution for customers who wish to boost their business’s productivity with a versatile crane. 

Hiab continues its leadership in articulated cranes with cutting- edge technology aimed to make deliveries faster, safer, more reliable and easier than ever before.  The HIAB X-HIPRO 232 showcases these innovations recently introduced by Hiab:

The new Semi-Automatic Folding (SAF) provides automatic crane folding & unfolding while activating one lever and even offers a memorized lift.
Crane Tip Control (CTC) optimizes multiple boom tip movements with one lever control.  Load Stability System (LSS) automatically dampens excessive boom movements to protect both the load and the crane.  A
Automatic Speed Control (ASC) slows boom movements to optimize lift capacities.  Variable Stability Logic (VSL) is a revolutionary Safety System to automatically regulate crane capacities.
Railway Logic creates a lift window that will stop the boom from specific movements outside of the defined window.
Overload Protection (OLP) keeps the truck and crane stable.
Add to those features, the two hydraulic lines at the boom tip which allow the flexibility to utilize a clamshell bucket, a logging grapple, rotator hook, and an auger drive motor with a 16” auger. 

Whatever your need, the HIAB X-HIPRO 232 provides the ultimate in versatility while providing operators with a safe, easy to operate articulated crane.  Business owners will appreciate the shorter learning curve for less experienced operators and the safety systems incorporated for personnel, materials and jobsites.  Quality, ingenuity and versatility -- stop by ICUEE booth N-2043 to see the ultimate solution for your utility truck mounted crane needs.