Hiab Introduces New Crane Technologies at World of Concrete 2019

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launched new crane technologies for the U.S. market at World of Concrete, held Jan. 21-25, 2019, in Las Vegas.

The new technologies are designed to make crane operation safer and more efficient, including Crane Tip Control (CTC), Variable Stability Logic Plus (VSL+), Semi Automatic Folding (SAF), and the connected service, HiConnect.

Hiab is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2019 and continues to innovate the loader crane industry with new features. Crane Tip Control brings increased automation to crane operation by simplifying operator controls. This lets even novice operators perform complicated movements to deliver the load.

Variable Stability Logic Plus is a safety system that automatically maximizes crane capacity according to both the stabilizer position and “the load” on the bed of the truck.

Semi Automatic Folding automates all crane folding and unfolding maneuvers via one remote paddle, giving further protection to both the crane and truck.

HiConnect is a connected service for Hiab customers to bring real-time data and insights about their equipment to enhance productivity and optimize equipment performance, which allows customers to avoid unnecessary downtime.

“Hiab celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2019, and I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to our pioneering history than bringing these innovations to the U.S. market,” said Hiab’s Barry McGrane, vice president of North America. “Companies are well-positioned to benefit from these solutions as capacity and performance demands are ever-present in this space.”

For more information, visit www.hiab.com.


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