Hiab Unveils New Loader Cranes

Hiab Unveils New Loader Cranes
Hiab Unveils New Loader Cranes
Hiab Unveils New Loader Cranes

Hiab, part of Cargotec, has renewed its mid-range loader cranes with 24 new or updated models.

The new mid-range cranes are the answer for the growing market of 20 tonne-metre segment and available with full selection of Hiab control systems, either manual or remote. 

"Customer insight is at the heart of Hiab R&D. It's all about adding customer value and solving their problems," said Joakim Andersson, Hiab's senior vice president for loader cranes. "Safety, reliability, durability and ease of use are Hiab's top priorities, which are helping the customers run their businesses efficiently. A prime example of this strong focus on innovation is the current update of our mid-range loader crane portfolio. We are delighted to be presenting the renewed cranes at the IAA exhibition." 

Hans E. Ohlsson, director of medium range loader cranes at Hiab, said: "The updated cranes come with innovative features that make crane operation simpler, safer and more productive. Crane Tip Control minimizes the complexity of coordinating the crane for the operator and Load Stability System ensures the safe usage of the crane. Semi Automatic Folding makes it possible to park or activate the crane semi-automatically, which simplifies one of the most difficult operations when working with a loader crane." 

The new cranes are at their maximum 300 kg (661 lbs.) lighter than Hiab's previous ones, which means an equal amount of extra payload for the customer. "Advanced remote control system, the new V200 valve and updated hydraulics are all adding further value for the customer," Ohlsson said. 

Hiab is unveiling the new models at the IAA exhibition in Hannover, Germany, September 22-29.


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