Hirschmann Indicator Monitors Tilt Angle

Hirschmann Indicator Monitors Tilt Angle

Hirschmann MCS has introduced the CI55 inclination indicator, which monitors the inclination/tilt angle as measured by the gSENS WGX tilt sensor. The system was designed for use on any type of stationary, mobile, or marine application.     

The CI55 inclination indicator gives the operator the ability to pre-set up to eight (8) user limits.  When approaching these set limits, the system provides an audible and visual warning. User limits can be set on the X, Y, or slope and each user limit will trigger either a warning or one of three cutoffs (one for each digital output).

The system features the option of either a 4.3- or 7-in. color graphic touchscreen display. Both console options feature an IP66/67 protection class rating and operating temperature of -40°C to 75°C. 


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