ICUEE Exhibits Chock Full of New and Updated Equipment

The 2015 edition of the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) was the largest ever, drawing a record 18,000 registered attendees during its two-and-a-half-day run from Sept. 29 – Oct. 1 in Louisville, Ky.

The attendance eclipsed the previous record by 13%, and attendees came from all 50 U.S. states, nine of the 10 Canadian provinces, and more than 60 countries worldwide.

The 2015 show also set records for exhibit space and number of exhibitors. More than 950 exhibitors, including more than 250 companies new to the show, booked more than 1.2 million net sq. ft. of exhibit space to showcase their latest equipment, product, and service innovations, and to conduct live demonstrations and opportunities for visitors to try hands-on operation of equipment.

“This is our most comprehensive ICUEE ever, and there has been tremendous enthusiasm and interaction among attendees and exhibitors from day one,” said Show Director Sara Truesdale Mooney.

Held every second year, ICUEE is the largest event for the utility industry. It is owned and produced by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

Even though the first day saw steady rain from start to finish, and the second and their days were overcast and saw periodic drizzle, the mood of exhibitors and attendees stayed generally bright.

Exhibitors brought a huge array of new or improved products for lifting personnel and materials. The number of new products underscored manufacturers’ belief that the utility market, and in particular the electrical utility market, has a strong future.

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Here, in alphabetical order, are some of the new or updated equipment and lifting-related developments featured at ICUEE 2015.

Altec, as usual, had the largest total display area of any exhibitor. It had a total of nearly 50 machines on display at its booths and in other exhibitors’ displays. Altec’s ICUEE introductions included the DR-42, a compact track-mounted digger derrick with 8,900-lb. maximum capacity, platform and jib options for aerial usage, 42’6” sheave height, and outriggers with 22 in. of ground penetration. On the other end of the scale, Altec displayed the brand new DT-105, which Altec bills as the world’s largest digger derrick. The DT-105 has 105-ft. maximum sheave height, 60,000-lb. maximum boom capacity, a 24- to 45-ft. digging range, and can travel down the road complete with 48-in. auger. In addition, Altec exhibited its AC40-152S dual-rated boom truck/aerial lift. It offers lifting capacities to 40 tons and sheave heights to 207 ft. in crane mode, or 1,200-lb. platform capacity and platform heights to 210 ft. as an aerial lift.    

Amco Veba was represented by its U.S. importer Fischer Crane, which had several models of the manufacturer’s knuckleboom cranes on its stand, including the new eco-friendly model 111, a 69,400-lb.-ft crane that weighs 2,950 lbs. or less, depending on number of boom extensions.

Bronto Skylift didn’t unveil any new models, but it brought two impressively tall insulated truck-mounted aerial lifts.  In addition, the company raised awareness of its belief that OSHA regulations say a crane should always be considered a crane (and, therefore, be subject to proof tests and test lifts), even if it is rated as both a crane and an aerial lift.

DICA  brought its new FiberMax crane pads, which have a crush rating of up to 1,000 psi and a rated capacity of 375,000 lbs. DICA says they provide the strength of steel pads while weighing 60% less.

Dur-a-Lift introduced its DVS-29 enclosed-body-mounted telescopic, non-insulated aerial lift, which has 29-ft. platform height, 21-ft. side reach, and 350-lb. basket capacity. The company also introduced its DTAX-44 urban forestry unit.

Effer and its U.S. distributor North American Lifting Equipment (NALE) unveiled the Model 855 knuckleboom crane, which has been available in other areas of the world, but made its U.S. debut at ICUEE. The 855 has a maximum moment of 556, 942 lb.-ft., can lift 51,147 lbs. at a 9'6" radius, and offers 65-ft. maximum tip height. It can be equipped with up to six hydraulic extensions and has Effer's newest DMU 3000 PLUS control system.

Elliott Equipment introduced three new products and one updated product in its booth. The company’s new E190 aerial work platform can reach up 190 ft. on full-powered boom or 196 ft. with electrically isolating jib. Elliott bills it as the tallest truck-mounted telescopic aerial platform manufactured in North America. The model was developed jointly by Elliott and Utility One Source. Among its other features are EZ-Crib outriggers, a hydraulic tool circuit to the platform, and 30,000-lb. material-handling capability. Also new at ICUEE were the 145-ft. E145 aerial work platform mounted on a tandem-axle chassis and the 34142 track-mounted 34-ton crane with 142-ft. boom. The updated unit was the 30105RSD, a 30-ton crane and digger boom truck whose new features include a 20,000-lb.-ft. auger drive that’s twice as fast as previous models, a 3-in. Kelly bar, and EZ-Crib outriggers.  

ETI rolled out its ETC 40, an aerial device that is insulated to 46 kV, offers material-handling capabilities, and can be mounted on a 19,000-GVW trouble truck.  

IMT unveiled its Dominator III a new crane body that mounts on a 33,000-GVW truck chassis and can support a 12,000-lb.-capacity crane without needing front stabilizers. Even without the front stabilizers a crane mounted on the body has a 360° range of motion with only 7% derating in two relatively small sectors.

Innovative Products introduced the TM 3000 Micro Lift, a self-contained scissor lift that mounts on the back of any four-wheel all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that has a removable dump bed. The scissor lift has 10-ft. platform height and 500-lb. capacity.

Kohler Engines introduced its Command PRO EFI CH440, Command PRO EFI 999 and Confidant EFI diesel engines, all of which feature electronic fuel injection and are expected to be 25% more fuel efficient than carbureted models. Kohler also featured its KDI 3404 diesel engine that meets Tier 4 Final emission levels without using a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Manitex unveiled its TC400/450/45142, a new dual-rated boom truck that can work as a crane or as an ANSI A92.2-compliant aerial lift. The TC45142 rolled out at ICUEE was equipped with a 142-ft. boom designed to meet the needs of utility contractors, but Manitex is also soon offer the same machine with a 128-ft. boom in order to meet the needs of taxi-crane operations. The new TC45142 on display at ICUEE was also the first unit equipped with Manitex’s new crane cab, which features a longer front window for better visibility, electric-over-hydraulic joysticks, a new LMI display, and a new cab climate control system. The Manitex display also included a PM knuckleboom crane, as PM is now part of the Manitex family.

Manitowoc Crane’s display featured its newest telescopic-boom crawler crane, the GHC55, which has 55-ton capacity, four-section full-power boom, and the ability to ship as one complete unit. The unit boasts a host of features ranging from hydraulically extendible crawlers to a Tier 4 Final diesel engine, swing-away jib, pole claw, auger, and personnel basket. Also on display was the larger GHC75, which offers 75-ton capacity and offers many of the same features as the GHC55. Manitowoc’s National Crane boom trucks were also on display. The new 680H-TM tractor-mount crane features a 20-ton-capacity, five-section, 80-ft. telescopic boom with an 88-ft. maximum tip height. The crane is designed for use in delivering and handling trusses, utility poles, and pipe. The National NBT30H-2 on display at ICUEE introduced an upgrade based on customer feedback. The NBT30H-2 features dual side stand-up operator stations with manual control levers. The unit also now has a load-sensing hydraulic system and offers capacity charts for outriggers in full, narrow, and mid-span positions.     

NESCO exhibited several new products for above- and below-ground utility work, but two were particularly relevant for above-ground power line construction. Right Tracks, appearing for the first time at ICUEE, are rubber tracks that fit over the rear wheels of a tandem-rear-axle truck for extra traction on snowy or muddy work sites. They can be put on by a crew of two in about two hours and reduce ground-bearing pressure to as little as 17 psi. The pole sleeve slides into a pole hole to prevent dirt from filling in before the pole is placed. It can be left in place when the hole is backfilled, or removed before backfilling takes place. 

Oil & Steel, now part of the Manitex family of products, exhibited in the Manitex booth and displayed its new Octopus 23 I, an insulated compact tracked lift with 64-ft. platform height, 35-ft. outreach, and 440-lb. platform capacity.

Perkins Engines unveiled its new 404F-E22T/TA engine, a 49- to 67-hp diesel engine that meets Tier 4 Final emission standards with just a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and uses 7% less fuel than its predecessor. It is sized for use in telehandlers or in boom lifts of up to about 75 ft.  

Posi-Plus showed off its new 900 digger derrick, which offers sheave heights to 56’4” and digging radii to 32’8”, and also rolled out its Champ 500 aerial device whose lower boom can articulate 120° to set the bucket on the ground for a low step-in height of about 18 in.

PowerBully rolled out its new 12RT tracked carrier, which has 24,000 lbs. of payload and can be used as a vehicle for mounting an aerial device, digger derrick, or crane. The unit at ICUEE was equipped with rubber tracks. The company also displayed a new narrow cab for the 12RT. Also on display was its model 15T, which offers 30,000-lb. capacity and has steel tracks. 

Prinoth’s star attraction was its new Panther T16, a tracked carrier with 16,000-lb. payload capacity that can be used as a carrier for a large aerial device or a telescopic-boom crane. The Panther T16 features a new frame design that resembles the frame rails of a commercial truck, making it much easier to mount a subframe to the machine. The frame also extends out the front of the carrier, making it easier to mount outriggers, too.

Reach-All Platforms unveiled its CraneMate Insul-Lift, a self-contained, insulated jib boom and personnel bucket that connect quickly to the tip of a crane’s swing jib with just four universal pins.

Skylift’s featured new offering was the Super Arborist 61, which had been out of production for more than a year, but is now back on the market and reportedly in high demand. It is small enough to fit through a 36-in. gate, yet offers 57-ft. working height and 40-ft. of side reach. 

SMF unveiled two models of its unique Aero-Lift products. One featured a telescopic boom aerial lift whose turntable is mounted atop the HE series hydraulic pedestal elevator. The HE series elevator features three square telescoping sections that extend straight up from the truck chassis to give 10 extra ft. of working height. SMF’s other new SMF product was its TVH vertical platform, which uses sliding channel members that telescope straight up from the truck bed for a maximum platform height of 35 ft.   

Socage’s display was highlighted by the new ForSte 94TW, a truck-mounted telescopic aerial lift with 87-ft. platform height and 1,320-lb. capacity, and also by the ForSte model TJJ 155, which offers 147-ft. platform height and 1,320-lb. platform capacity.

Tadano Mantis featured its GTC-1200 and 6010 telescopic-boom crawler cranes. Neither is a brand-new model, but both are impressive machines that are popular in utility construction.

Terex once again offered a large display of utility equipment and as well as its Crossover 8000 boom truck. The company highlighted its 70 years in business by displaying a 1940s-vintage utility truck with digger derrick as well as its newest advancements, such as the Cobra-style jib, which can lift up to 1,000 lbs. yet stows at a height of just 16 in. and articulates to give a greater range of motion than a standard jib.

Time/Versalift highlighted 2015 being its 50th anniversary in business and rolled out not only new models but the first units in two new lines of aerial lift products at ICUEE. The Versalift PHX 180-I is an insulated truck-mounted aerial lift with a maximum platform height of 176’11”, 78’10” of side reach, and 2,000-lb. platform capacity. The Skybird T2151 offers 209-ft. platform height, 102-ft. side reach, and 1,323-lb. side reach. It is insulated to 750 kV and features sophisticated electronic controls. Also new at ICUEE were Versalift’s VST 7100-HD-I articulated telescopic aerial device, which offers 69’10” of platform height, 42’6” of side reach, and 800 lbs. of platform capacity, and the Versalift VTP-40-NE cable placer, which combines an aerial device with a cable-reel holder.

Tracked Lifts introduced the Platform Basket 33.15, the largest compact tracked lift made by the company. The 33.15 has been available in other parts of the world for a few years, but made its North America debut at ICUEE. It has a maximum platform height of 100 ft., a maximum capacity of 500 lbs., and up to 51 ft. of side reach.

Utility Truck Equipment  Manufacturing (UTEM) unveiled its UVN35, an aerial lift adapted for mounting on a Sprinter van. The aerial device can be insulated or non insulated.

Utility One Source delivered perhaps the most far-reaching announcement of the show. Chairman and CEO Chris Ragot officially rolled out the new company and its concept of uniting several regional equipment dealers and service companies into one large entity that can effectively offer equipment and service to utility industry customers from coast to coast and border to border across the United States. So far, five companies are being amalgamated into Utility One Source, but Ragot promises more acquisitions. The company plans to offer aerial equipment, ground-engaging machines, and all the accessories a utility company needs for its work. The company is backed by Blackstone Investment Group.

Xtreme Manufacturing / Snorkel exhibited for the first time at ICUEE. Though neither company unveiled any new models, they exhibited the 24,000-lb.-capacity Xtreme 2450 telehandler and an SL30SL Speed Lift with 29’4” platform height and 1,300-lb. capacity.

Zero Emission Equipment LLC unveiled its Zeecrane 4500, a fully electric carrydeck industrial crane that can pick and carry 9,000 lbs., work exhaust-free for eight hours on maintenance-free battery power, and maneuver easily in tight spaces. It has a 34’3” maximum sheave height.