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Innovative Testing Certifies 252 AED Technicians Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Innovative Testing Certifies 252 AED Technicians Despite COVID-19 Pandemic
Since the beginning of March, 252 technicians have become certified. The AED Foundation has made that number possible through online proctoring that ensures students and technicians have not had to put their education plans on hold due to COVID-19. That excellent accomplishment was made possible when dealers, schools, and the foundation developed a timely solution that allowed testing to continue. Thanks to online testing and the flexibility of dealers and schools, equipment dealers can keep technicians educated and ensure integrity that meets the foundation’s standards. The online offering also makes testing more convenient for students and instructors, as remote testing with proctoring is available 24/7. While many schools and dealerships, including Anderson Equipment Company, implemented online testing, some found other solutions. Many of the CAT ThinkBIG programs, which represent approximately 1/3 of AEDF accredited college programs, divided students into small groups to comply with social distancing guidelines. These groups were sent to multiple CAT dealership buildings in the area to provide proctored tests without compromising students’ safety. That solution demonstrates that The AED Foundation will do what it takes to help students and technicians succeed. The foundation’s Vision 2024 goal strongly focuses on certifying more technicians to help solve the industry workforce shortage. Jason Blake, COO and executive vice president of the Foundation, said: “The efforts of The AED Foundation’s accredited colleges and dealers to implement new testing solutions during this time displays a commitment to education and workforce development within the industry that will build a bright future of skilled technicians.” The Foundation will continue to look for ways to improve students' and technicians' experiences and accommodate them through whatever difficulties may arise.

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