JCB Introduces New Lift and Access Equipment at the 2024 ARA Show

JCB Introduces New Lift and Access Equipment at the 2024 ARA Show

At this year’s ARA Show, attendees were the first check out JCB’s latest lift and access products the T65D Telescopic Boom Lift, and the S1932ED Electric Drive Scissor Lift.

The new 65’ telescopic boom lift offers an 8’ 1,000-pound capacity basket that can accommodate three workers throughout its full operating range.

A robust 74-hp JCB 444 EcoMAX engine enables the four-wheel drive/two-wheel steer T65D to muscle through muddy terrain, steep grades and difficult underfoot conditions without bogging down.

The machine gives workers 360 degrees of continuous rotation, and the control box features a dial to control the speed of the boom. This, combined with proportional joysticks for basket control, enables workers to maneuver precisely and safely close to working surfaces but also move with speed and efficiency when obstacles are out of the way.

The platform height for the T65D is 65’ 4” and maximum outreach goes to 56’ 6”.

The S1932ED has been redesigned to prioritize transportability by reducing the weight by 250 lb. This significant reduction enhances the machine’s flexibility, making it easier to tow and load onto vehicles.

Among its new standard features, the S1932ED introduces advancements that significantly boost both safety and operational efficiency. Notably, the machine is equipped with quick-folding rails, designed to streamline the process of navigating through low doorways and other restricted spaces, thereby enhancing operator productivity.

The machine now comes standard with a leak containment system, ensuring that no fluids escape onto the working surfaces, preventing potential damage and maintaining a clean, safe environment.

Making its debut at the ARA, the machine now offers an optional pipe rack capable of securely transporting up to 220 lb. of materials. This addition not only facilitates the safe elevation of materials but also addresses health and safety concerns by minimizing risk.

The pipe rack feature is designed for compatibility across the entire JCB Access range, encompassing both scissor lifts and boom lifts, further extending its utility and versatility.

Stay tuned for more information about these new products in the March/April edition of Lift and Access!


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