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Lifting Gear Hire Enhances Load Cell Fleet With Straightpoint Units

Lifting Gear Hire Enhances Load Cell Fleet With Straightpoint Units

Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) is upgrading its load cell fleet with Straightpoint’s (SP) Radiolink plus units up to 220,000 lbs. in capacity.

The Radiolink plus, which is the U.K. manufacturer’s top selling load cell, is capable of both weighing and dynamic load monitoring for many applications.

The order from LGH will be delivered over a two- to-three-year period, ultimately resulting in 23 LGH lifting equipment rental facilities in the U.S. and Canada stocking exclusively SP product.

LGH will take a variety of models, including standard long-range (2,300 ft. or 700 m) wireless versions and a number of Bluetooth units, predominantly for internal use. SP recently updated its Bluetooth capability and launched an enhanced version of its popular app. The upgrade from Bluetooth 4.1 to 4.2 facilitated two major improvements over the original version, including increased range and the volume of smart devices that can be connected to a load cell.

“We always look for the best and most reliable product manufacturers; we feel SP falls directly in line with those high standards,” said Tony Fiscelli, president at LGH. “Put simply, we feel they are the leader in the business sector they perform in. We look at both our vendors and customers as true partners. We value and cherish the relationships at all levels of our supply chain.”

The switch to SP follows LGH’s use of its wireless compression load cells, which offer the same range and cable-less benefits as the aforementioned Radiolink plus products. Additionally, LGH operations in Europe have recently committed to SP’s range of force measurement products and are satisfied with their suitability to rental applications.

Dan Pittman, business sales manager at LGH, said SP’s evolution of their range was a key factor in partnering with the manufacturer.

“Recognition of our commitment to innovation and customer-driven improvement from a rental powerhouse such as LGH is testament to our ongoing success in providing load cells that make end-user applications safer, more efficient, and as accurate and technologically advanced as possible,” said David Ayling, director at SP.

SP will continue to supply load cells through its existing and extensive North American distribution network.

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