Link-Belt’s Cranes Respond to Challenging Environments

Link-Belt’s Cranes Respond to Challenging Environments

Alongside it’s rough terrain cranes US manufacturer Link-Belt was demonstrating its TCC-1400 telecrawler and introducing the HTT86110 telescopic truck crane at Bauma 11- 17 April, Messe Munich.

The 127t, (140USt) TCC-1400 has the longest boom length for a telecrawler in this tonnage class. A six-section power, pin and latch boom measures 59.5m (195ft 5in) and an on-board three-piece bi-fold lattice fly gives the crane a maximum tip height of 78.9m (259ft).

A dynamic demonstration on the stand showed visitors to Bauma how quickly, easily and safely the boom can be deployed by a single operator.

New features found on the TCC-1400 include an electronic inclinometer providing digital readout of list angle and a new auto-idle feature that provides operator selectable ranges for improved fuel economy. The auto-idle feature automatically reduces engine RPMs to idle speeds if no function is used for ten seconds, and resumes preset RPMs once any function is re-engaged by the operator.

The TCC-1400 offers a large capacity chart at a radius that rivals lattice crawler cranes with a similar base rating. The 1400 comes equipped with main boom list capacities up to four degrees.

Pat Collins, director of product marketing at Link-Belt said that the telecrawlers are most suitable for jobsites where space is a premium and ground on an incline as the machines have excellent gradeability and do not need outriggers deployed so can work more rapidly that a traditional rough terrain crane in challenging environments. The machine on the stand was going to NRC Crane Hire Sales, a UK plant hire company, which specialises in telescopic and crawler cranes.

The all-new HTT-86110 telescopic truck terrain crane features simple, all-wheel steer capability for optimum crane manoeuvrability in congested spaces. Steerable rear axles with super single tyres are what make the HTT-86110 agile and with four steering modes: independent front, independent rear, combination, and diagonal, this crane can move in and around jobsites with ease.

The HTT-86110 features a 50m (164ft) main boom that outreaches truck crane competition and is said to challenge European-built all terrain cranes in its tonnage class. The HTT-86110’s turning radius is less than 8.3m (27ft 3in) from the centerline of the tire; this is comparable or better than similar 4-axle all-terrain cranes. A new efficient and low effort, on board 3-piece fly pinning design is focused on ease of assembly and disassembly.


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