Link-Belt to Debut 110-Ton Truck Crane at CraneFest 2015

Link-Belt to Debut 110-Ton Truck Crane at CraneFest 2015
Link-Belt to Debut 110-Ton Truck Crane at CraneFest 2015

The new Link-Belt HTC-86110 telescopic-boom truck crane, base rated at 110 US tons (90 mt), will debut at CraneFest 2015, in Lexington, Ky.

The fundamentals of the 86110 evolved from the success of the HTC-86100 and will be a great addition to Link-Belt’s already dynamic hydraulic truck crane lineup, says the company.

Boom and attachments

The 86110 features a 164-ft. (50m) main boom that outreaches the truck crane competition and challenges European-built all-terrain cranes in its class. The main boom tip height is 172.6 ft. (52.6m). The telescoping sections of the 6-section pin-and-latch boom ride on Link-Belt’s proven Teflon impregnated wear pads, so there’s no need to grease the boom bottom. Also, all the sheaves and both pins of the hoist cylinder feature sealed bearings.

An optional 58-ft. (17.6m) on-board fly jib can be offset to 2°, 15°, 30°, and 45°. The jib's innovative approach to erecting and stowing minimizes the number of times a ladder is needed. The fly jib also features an integrated 10-ft. (3.0m) fly that reeves up to four parts of line and can lift 26 US tons (21.7mt). The 10-ft. (3.0m) fly jib is ideal for applications that require two load lines to lift one load. Two additional 16-ft. (4.9m) lattice boom extensions bring the maximum tip height to 261.6 ft (79.7m). 


The front and rear axle groups of the 86110 have a combined capacity of 107,250 lbs. (48.64mt) at highway speeds of more than 60 mph (96.5km/h), letting the fully equipped crane travel with its standard 16,000 lbs. (7.2mt) of counterweight without needing a boom dolly.

An additional 32,600 lbs. (14.7mt) of counterweight is offered, bringing the maximum counterweight to 48,600 lbs. (22mt). Because the overflow counterweight weighs i less than 45,000 lbs. (20.4mt), one overflow truck can handle all of it plus a tool box, rigging, mats, and more.

When all counterweight is removed, a fully equipped 86110's main transport load weighs less than 90,000 lbs. (40.8mt). As another transportation alternative, a fully equipped HTC-86110 equipped with 36,000 lbs. (16.3mt) of counterweight and a three-axle boom dolly can travel at under 20,000 lbs. per axle.

For the North American market, a clean-idle-certified 450-hp (336kw) Cummins diesel engine delivers 1,550 pound-feet of torque. A Tier 3/Euro Stage IIIA engine available for regions outside of North America.  Both engines couple to ZF’s AS-tronic automated transmission with 12 speeds forward and two reverse. The transmission's controls are similar to an automatic (no clutch pedal) and yet have the performance of a manual with automated pump disengagement for on-highway travel and jobsite maneuvering modes.

The winch package delivers maximum single-line pull of 20,739 lbs. (92.25kN) and can provide over 16,000 lbs. (71.17kN) of line pull up to the fourth layer, ideal for ¾-in. (19mm) wire ropes that are rated at 15,700 lbs. (69.83kN) and higher. Maximum line speed is 495 fpm (150.8 m/min).

Comfort and convenience

The operator’s cab includes power tilt range from 0° to 20° and a pull-out “cabwalk” for easy entry. Once inside, the operator is treated to a five-way-adjustable seat that holds light, yet responsive electronic controllers. The controllers are available in dual- or single-axis configuration and have fine metering for precise operation. There is a designated foot pedal for boom telescope operation, something not found in other cranes in this size class. Also, the swing control allows the operator to free swing and use a foot pedal for smooth braking. Aiding the operator is the Link-Belt Pulse system with telematics and cameras that automatically show winch operation and swing. Extra touches include heating, air-conditioning, and AM/FM radio with Bluetooth.

The driver’s cab features comprehensive gauges, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, and a clever place to store documents. Its fiberglass construction is Link-Belt proven and the interior is acoustically insulated. Cameras automatically let the driver view backing up and when making a right turn. Heating and air conditioning, AM/FM radio, cruise control, intermittent wiper with washer, and engine compression brake are all standard.

Night-time operation

An optional work lighting package includes four high-intensity lights mounted on top of the operator's cab, the right side of the superstructure facing forward, the upper work platform, and the left side of the superstructure facing out. Also available are single and dual boom floodlights, as well as remote-control floodlights that work with other floodlights options.

Other stand-out features

* Unmatched transport flexibility & jobsite travel
* Upper work platform with foldable guardrail
* Wind-speed indicator
* Aviation obstruction marking light and flag
* Halogen daytime running headlights and LED lighting
* Illuminated compartments and controls for night-time       operation
* Four points of access to the carrier
* Anti-lock (ABS) drum brakes
* ANSI B30.5 tested
* Pre-painted, plated hardware, and powder coated            tubing
* Color-coded wiring with wire numbers
* On-tire rigging capacities
* On-line ground bearing (force)
* On-line 3D lift planning

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