Manitex International, Inc. Welcomes Mynatt Truck & Equipment to Manitex‐ PM Knuckleboom Dealer Network

Manitex International, Inc., leading international provider of cranes and specialized industrial equipment, today announced the
appointment of Kansas‐based Mynatt Truck & Equipment as a distributor of knuckleboom cranes for the states of Kansas and Missouri.

“We’re pleased to welcome Mynatt Truck & Equipment to our distributor network,” said Sam Rooke, Product Manager at Manitex‐PM. “Mynatt’s devotion to providing first class quality, service and technical support coupled with their extensive industry experience makes them an ideal partner for us. When working with Mynatt Truck & Equipment, our customers in the Midwest will have access to the right equipment for their applications as well as exceptional post‐sale service and support that weprovide. We are anticipating sales to begin in early July.”

Jason Osborn President and Owner of Mynatt Truck & Equipment said “We’re excited about the opportunity that the Manitex‐PM product brings to our product range. We are especially enthusiastic about the investment Manitex International has placed into the product specifically in N. America. By
committing to whole goods and parts inventory as well as stages of North‐American assembly, Manitex‐ PM has certainly demonstrated that they are an eager partner looking to support us at the dealership level. It is important for us to have a strong partnership and we have that in Manitex‐PM. We are looking forward to continued success in our partnership as our relationship develops.”